08 juillet 2012

"JIM MARSHALL: The Rolling Stones and Beyond " @ Steven Kasher Gallery

Jim Marshall, Mick Jagger, Los Angeles, 1972 © Steven Kasher Gallery NEW YORK, NY.- Steven Kasher Gallery presents their first exhibition of one of the greatest music photographers of all time. Jim Marshall: The Rolling Stones and Beyond features over 60 photographs and over one hundred vintage record covers mapping Jim Marshall’s entire career and introducing never-before-seen images he captured during the Rolling Stones’ 1972 U.S. tour. The exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the band, and the 40th anniversary of... [Lire la suite]
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25 août 2011

20 célébrités ouvrent la porte de leur bibliothèque

Karl Lagerfeld Diane Keaton Keith Richards Woody Allen Ralph Lauren Agatha Christie Sting Nigella Lawson Mark Twain Julianne Moore William Randoph Hearst Jane Fonda Aaron Spelling Broke Astor Tory Burch Jimmy Page Jimmy Stewart Rod Stewart Mickael Jackson Oprah Winfrey
30 avril 2009

Jean-Marie Périer: First Person Access @ Fahey/Klein Gallery

Jean-Marie Périer, Francoise Hardy, Paris, 1967, 1967 Jean-Marie Périer, Johnny Hallyday, 1965 The Fahey/Klein Gallery is proud to present First Person Access: The World of Jean-Marie Perier, 1956-2008. Celebrity and music photographer, commercial and film director Jean-Marie Perier brings together a breathtaking retrospective in his first U.S. show. As one of France’s most celebrated photographers, Jean-Marie Perier has cultivated a unique relationship with his subjects. In his 40-year career, he has enjoyed... [Lire la suite]