22 septembre 2019

"Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro... Les grands maîtres du japon. Collection Leskowicz" à l'Hôtel de Caumont - Centre d'Art

 Utagawa Kunisada (1786 - 1864), Le Type populaire, série Physionomie de trente-deux types dans le monde moderne, 1821-1822, nishiki-e, 38,2 x 27 cm, Collection Georges Leskowicz, Photo : © Christian Moutarde. L’Hôtel de Caumont-Centre d’art présente les coutumes et la culture japonaise de l’époque Edo (1600-1867), à travers plus de 150 estampes ukiyo-e et autres objets remarquables dévoilés au public français pour la toute première fois. Ils sont pour la plupart issus de la collection de Georges... [Lire la suite]

10 octobre 2018

Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien opens 'Fascination Japan: Monet. Van Gogh. Klimt'

Alfred Stevens, Die japanische Pariserin, 1872. Öl auf Leinwand, 150 x 105 cm. Musée des Beaux-Arts de La Boverie, Lüttich © Musée des Beaux-Arts de La Boverie, Lüttich. VIENNA.- “This isn’t fashion, it’s passion, it’s madness” – thus did the French critic Ernest Chesneau characterise the mania of the Western public for the extravagant vases, lacquered boxes, fabrics and colour woodcuts that had arrived from the Far East and were on display at the 1878 World Exhibition in Paris. Owing to pressure from the USA, Japan,... [Lire la suite]
28 septembre 2018

Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries reopen at the British Museum

The galleries have seen major improvements to their design and infrastructure which considerably improve the display of some 430 artworks and archaeological and historical artefacts dating from ancient prehistory to the present day. © The Trustees of the British Museum. LONDON.- The British Museum reopened some of its most popular galleries after nine-months of refurbishment. The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries opened to the public again on 27 September 2018, displaying highlights from the Museum’s extensive... [Lire la suite]
04 août 2018

Palazzo Albergati exhibits "Japan. Tales of Love and War "

BOLOGNA.- Geisha and samurai, beautiful women and legendary heroes, kabuki actors, fantastical animals, visionary worlds and strange landscapes are the protagonists of the exhibition Japan. Tales of Love and War. A selection of more than 200 works of art describing the Floating World of ukiyo-e has been brought for the first time to Bologna, where the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of the Edo period, present day Tokyo (1603-1868) has descended on Palazzo Albergati. The greatest Japanese artists of the 19th... [Lire la suite]
19 mars 2018

Important Japanese prints from the collection of Henry Steiner on view in New York

NEW YORK, NY.- Sixty-two Japanese prints and one color woodblock album spanning nearly 150 years—from ca. 1710 to 1857—will go on view this March in an exhibition at Sebastian Izzard Asian Art in New York City. The works range from beauty prints by Kitagawa Utamaro, and actor prints by Tōshūsai Sharaku to Katsushika Hokusai’s iconic Great Wave. They were collected by Henry Steiner, the distinguished Hong Kong-based graphic designer, whose many corporate clients have included HSBC, for which he designed the iconic red and white... [Lire la suite]
27 novembre 2016

Exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan presents works by Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro

Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji (about 1830-1832). Woodblock color print, 25,9 x 38,5 cm - Honolulu Museum of Art. MILAN.- Men and animals, the humble witnesses of daily existence, legend and history, mundane rituals and work, landscapes of every kind, the sea, the mountains, the forest, the storms, the warm rains of solitary springtime, a lively breeze whipping around street corners, the north wind in the open countryside and the delicate visages of women. All... [Lire la suite]
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06 juillet 2016

"Miroir du désir. Images de femmes dans l’estampe japonaise" au musée Guimet

Miroir du désir : Affiche PARIS - Le MNAAG dévoile un pan de son riche fonds d’estampes japonaises et aborde l’image contrastée des femmes : leur place dans la société, mais aussi les relations qui les unissent entre elles ou celles qu’elles entretiennent avec les hommes. Véritable promenade visuelle, l’exposition propose un parcours à travers les différents types de représentations de l’image féminine à la période d’Edo (1603-1868).  Si le terme même « d'estampe japonaise » fut synonyme d'images délicatement érotiques... [Lire la suite]
08 mai 2016

Exhibition explores issues of gender and tells a pivotal story of sexuality in Japan's Edo period

Hosoda Eisui (fl. 1790–1823), Wakashu with a Shoulder Drum. Sir Edmund Walker Collection. TORONTO.- The ground-breaking A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints opened at the Royal Ontario Museumon Saturday, May 7, 2016. Featuring stunning woodblock prints, samurai armour, a kimono, screen paintings, lacquerwork, and illustrated books, the exhibition explores issues of gender and tells a pivotal story of sexuality in Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868).  Suzuki Harunobu (1725–1770), Youth on a Long-Tailed... [Lire la suite]
08 mars 2016

Exhibition of classic ukiyo-e spanning 100 years on view at Scholten Japanese Art

Utagawa Toyokuni I (1769-1825), "Women Washing and Stretching Cloth", each sheet signed Toyokuni ga, with censor's kiwame (approval) seal and publisher's seal of Tsutaya Juzaburo (Koshodo, 1750-1797), ca. 1795, oban tate-e triptych 28 1/8 by 14 5/8 in., 71.5 by 37 cm. Asking price: $14,000. Photo courtesy Scholten Japanese Art NEW YORK, NY.- Scholten Japanese Art participates in Asia Week 2016 with Ukiyo-e Tales: Stories from the Floating World, an exhibition focused on classic... [Lire la suite]
28 février 2010

Spring Blooms at Christie's Japanese and Korean Art Sale

A rare and important blue and white porcelain jar, Joseon Dynasty (18th century), 19 5/16in. (49cm.) high; 14 15/16in. (38cm.) diameter. Estimate: $500,000-700,000. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2010. NEW YORK, NY.- On March 24, Christie’s will offer Japanese and Korean Art, which will include over 160 traditional and modern works of art. The Japanese section of the sale will feature a noteworthy group of paintings of beauty and the erotic, and the Korean section will offer an exquisite group of ceramics and an array of... [Lire la suite]