09 juillet 2019

A rock-crystal lidded container, Goa, Deccan, or North India, 1575-1625

Lot 235. A rock-crystal lidded container, Goa, Deccan, or North India, 1575-1625; 1 7/8 ins. (4.8 cm.) high; 2 3/8 ins. (5.9 cm.) wide; 1 7/8 ins. (4.8 cm.) deep. Estimate USD 150,000 - USD 200,000. Price realised USD 162,500. © Christie's Images Ltd The body carved from one piece of rock crystal, set with rubies and an emerald in finely crafted gold mounts, the lid attached on one side with a delicate gold clasp, underside with undecorated rock crystal body. Literature: Jaffer 2013, pp.32,... [Lire la suite]

19 juillet 2017

Lidded container with birds and floral scrolls, mid-Tang dynasty, early 8th century

Lidded container with birds and floral scrolls, China, Shaanxi province, probably Xi’an, mid-Tang dynasty, early 8th century. Cast, hammered, and turned silver with chased and ring-punched decoration and mercury gilding. Purchase, Freer Gallery of Art, F1931.17a-b © 2017 Smithsonian Institution This object is not gold but rather gilt silver. The entire surface of the finished piece was heavily gilded after the decoration was chased into it, filling the recessed lines with gold and making it look as... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2014

Mosaic Glass in the J. Paul Getty Trust

Bowl with Blue and White Canes. Unknown. Greek or Roman, 100–1 B.C. Glass, 2 1/16 in. high x 4 in. diam. 2004.24. The J. Paul Getty Trust © J. Paul Getty Trust. Mosaic glass vessels are among the most colorful ancient containers. They were formed by fusing numerous slices or ribbons (lengths) of cane in molds until they melted together into a swirl of colors, as seen on this blue and white bowl.Multicolored canes and figural compositions for plaques and beads were made by layering different colors and manipulating them into... [Lire la suite]