22 avril 2014

Kangxi blue and white porcelain at Nagel, "Asiatische Kunst", 9.5.2014

A fine blossom-shaped blue and white porcelain bowl, China, Kangxi seal mark and period. Photo Nagel. Rim frits, partly polished, few fine filled hairlines. D. 34,3 cm. Estimate 2500/3500 € Property from a South German private collection A good pair of blue and white porcelain bowls with figural scenes, China, Chenghua marks, Kangxi period. Photo Nagel. Good condion. D. 11,6 cm. Estimate 2500/3500 € Property from an old German private collection Former collection Selma... [Lire la suite]

29 avril 2013

A blue and white Daoist Immortal dish, China, Lingzhi mark, Kangxi period

A blue and white Daoist Immortal dish, China, Lingzhi mark, Kangxi period. Photo Nagel Auktionen Small frits or very small chips to rim. D. 21,2 cm. Estimate 1500/2000 € Nagel Auktionen. Asian Art, 2013/05/10. http://www.auction.de
27 mai 2010

Kangxi blue & white porcelains @ Nagel Auctions. Fine Asian Art. May 7th 2010

A rare pair of erotic-subject gu-shaped blue and white porcelain vases, China, Kangxi period. © 2010 Nagel - Auction H. 26,1 cm. The middle section with Scenes from the Romance of the Western Chamber, the bases painted with erotic scenes. Est. 18 000 € Lot sold 35 000 € Provenance: Christie's London, 7.4.1997, Lot 25 A fine and large triple-gourd-shaped blue and white porcelain vase, China, Kangxi period.  © 2010 Nagel - Auction H. 69,5 cm. Est. 15 000 € Lot sold 20 000 € Property from an old German... [Lire la suite]