04 avril 2017

Christie's announces highlights from its annual Milan Modern and Contemporary auction

MILAN.- Christie's will present the annual Milan Modern and Contemporary auction on 27 and 28 April. An essential date in the auction calendar, the Milan Modern and Contemporary sale provides an opportunity for international collectors to acquire the best of 20th century Italian art. This year's sale will feature works by the most acclaimed Italian artists, including Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, Alberto Burri and Fausto Melotti, alongside a special section showcasing 1960s Italian Pop Art with key names such as Tano... [Lire la suite]

22 septembre 2008

acques Mahé de La Villeglé & Mimmo Rotella @ The Mayor Gallery, London

Jacques Mahé de La Villeglé39, quai de Grenelle, 1973 Mimmo RotellaAlto voltaggio, 1994  "By appropriating posters to make paintings, I had the feeling I was taking back what commerce had stolen from culture’ - Jacques Villeglé Jacques Mahé de La Villeglé42, rue de Turbigo, 1973 Mimmo RotellaAutoritratto, 1987  The Mayor Gallery will present an exhibition of work by artists Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villeglé. The exhibition will present a selection of mixed-media work, which... [Lire la suite]