19 juillet 2012

Jade figure of a horse. Late Ming or Qing dynasty, 17th century AD

Jade figure of a horse. Late Ming or Qing dynasty, 17th century AD. Height: 12.750 cm. Length: 20.500 cm. On loan from a private collection OA 26:20. The British Museum. © 2003 Private Collection © Trustees of the British Museum This impressive horse belongs to a small group of carved jade animals, mainly horses and buffaloes, carved on a much larger scale than usual, and all in the same range of green opaque stones. There is no direct evidence to help us define precisely when and for what purpose... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2011

A large carved Longquan celadon charger. Ming dyansty, 15th century

A large carved Longquan celadon charger. Ming dyansty, 15th century. photo Nagel Auctions Sturdily potted with rounded sides, the interior carved in the well with trellis-pattern diaper below a band of peony scroll in the cavetto, the four flowers alternately shown from the side and from above, covered overall with a glaze of olive-green tone except for a wide unglazed ring on the base, burnt orange in the firing. Property from a Belgium private collection - Large dishes of this type and approximate size, all dated to the... [Lire la suite]
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