27 avril 2016

'The Emperor Ruby'. Very important ruby and diamond ring

Lot 484. 'The Emperor Ruby'. Very important 7.03 carats Burma Mogok 'pigeon blood red' ruby and diamond ring. Estimate 4,800,000 — 7,680,000 CHF (4,386,797 - 7,018,875 EUR). Photo Sotheby's Set with a cushion-shaped ruby weighing 7.03 carats, accented with heart- and marquise-shaped diamonds, the mount further set with brilliant-cut stones, size 51. Note: "The described ruby of 7.029 carats exhibits a highly attractive and saturated colour, combined by a... [Lire la suite]

28 novembre 2015

The Mogok’s Fiery Red. A superb pair of ruby and diamond ear pendants, by Faidee

Lot 2119. The Mogok’s Fiery Red. A superb pair of Burma Mogok  'Pigeon Blood' Ruby and Diamond ear pendants, by Faidee. Estimate HK$ 22,800,000 – HK$32,000,000 ($2,955,701 - $4,148,352). Price realised HKD 24,200,000. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2015 Each designed as a line of cushion-shaped rubies, weighing approximately 5.08, 5.03, 2.51 and 2.49 carats , spaced by a cushion-shaped diamond, weighing approximately 1.52 and 1.50 carats, mounted in platinum and gold, 2.4 cm, in black Faidee... [Lire la suite]
28 novembre 2015

The Mogok’s Fiery Red. A superb Ruby and diamond necklace, by Faidee

Lot 2120. The Mogok’s Fiery Red. A superb Burma Mogok  'Pigeon Blood Red' Ruby and Diamond necklace, by Faidee. Estimate HK$ 48,000,000 – HK$66,000,000 ($6,222,528 - $8,555,976). Price realised HKD 55,560,000. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2015 Designed as a line of thirty-two cushion-shaped rubies, weighing approximately 5.05 to 1.04 carats, alternating with cushion-shaped diamonds, mounted in platinum and gold, 39.0 cm, in black Faidee case. With maker’s mark for Faidee ... [Lire la suite]
30 septembre 2015

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Burmese Pigeon's Blood Ruby and Diamond Necklace. Estimate 8,800,000 — 10,000,000 HKD (1,031,335 - 1,171,972 EUR). Photo Sotheby's Highlighted by three oval rubies weighing 10.06, 8.44 and 7.06 carats respectively, surrounded by pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds, connecting strands of oval and cushion-shaped rubies spaced by brilliant-cut diamonds, the clasp highlighted by tassels terminating by pear-shaped rubies, the rubies and diamonds together weighing approximately 81.72... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2015

Rare Ruby, Diamond and Onyx 'Panthère' Ring, Monture Cartier

Lot 1742. Rare 10.62 carats Burmese Mogok Ruby, Diamond and Onyx 'Panthère' Ring, Monture Cartier. Estimate 18,000,000 — 25,000,000 HKD (2,109,549 - 2,929,929 EUR). Lot sold 20,480,000 HKD (2,354,298 EUR). Photo Sotheby's Designed as a panther with a head that swivels, the body pavé-set with numerous circular-cut diamonds together weighing approximately 2.00 carats, flecked by onyx, highlighted by a cushion-shaped ruby weighing 10.62 carats, accented by... [Lire la suite]
15 septembre 2015

Impressive and Rare Ruby, Diamond and Natural Pearl Bracelet

Lot 1862. Impressive and Rare 27.91 carats Mogok, Burmese Ruby, Diamond and Natural Pearl Bracelet. Estimate 32,000,000 — 45,000,000 HKD (3,678,590 — 5,173,017 EUR). Lot sold 29,880,000 HKD (3,434,884 EUR).  Photo Sotheby's Centring on an antique cushion-shaped ruby weighing 27.91 carats, surrounded by twelve old mine-cut diamonds together weighing approximately 11.50 carats, completed by five strands of graduated natural pearls measuring... [Lire la suite]

30 mai 2015

An important ruby and diamond ring

  Lot 2089. An important 5.02 carats Burma "pigeon's blood red" ruby and diamond ring. Estimate HK$6,000,000 – HK$8,000,000 ($750,000-1,000,000). Price realised HKD 7,480,000. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2015 Set with an oval-shaped ruby weighing approximately 5.02 carats, within a similarly-cut diamond surround, mounted in 18k white gold, ring size 5½ Accompanied by report no. 78694 dated 10 March 2015 from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute stating that the approximately 5.00 carat... [Lire la suite]
27 mai 2015

A ruby and diamond ring, by Gimel

A 9.50 carat Burma ruby and diamond ring, by Gimel. Estimate HK6,400,000 – HK$8,500,000 ($800,000-1,100,000). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2015 Set with a cushion-shaped ruby, within a brilliant-cut diamond surround, extending to the half-hoop, mounted in 18k gold, ring size 5¼. Signed and with maker's mark for Gimel  Accompanied by report no. 79646 dated 30 March 2015 from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute stating that the approximately 9.50 carat ruby is of Burma (Myanmar) origin, with no... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2015

An important ruby and diamond three-stone ring

Lot 676. An important 5.23 carats Burma ruby and diamond three-stone ring. Estimate HK$ 3.7 million - 4.2 million (€430,000 - 490,000). Sold for HK$ 4,360,000 (€ 519,127). © Bonhams. The cushion-shaped ruby, weighing 5.23 carats, between brilliant-cut diamond shoulders, diamonds approximately 1.20 carats total, ring size 5½ Accompanied by a SSEF report stating that the natural ruby has no indication of heat treatment and originates from Burma (Myanmar). Also accompanied by a SSEF appendix... [Lire la suite]
01 août 2014

Natural Burmese Ruby, Burma

Natural Burmese Ruby, Burma.Photo Bonhams. The moniker of "pigeon's blood" is a much sought-after name used to describe rubies, yet it is infrequently seen in the gemstone market. The present stone, with its fine, true red color, is deserving of that appellation. Found in an old estate, this stone, most likely originating from the fabled area of Mogok, was recently recut to improve its brilliance. This is a "pre-embargo" ruby, probably mined in the 1950s, natural, unheated, and with a weight of over 4 carats making it an extremely... [Lire la suite]
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