03 septembre 2015

A rare Longquan celadon 'Kinuta' meiping, Southern Song-Yuan dynasty, 12th-13th century

A rare Longquan celadon 'Kinuta' meiping, Southern Song-Yuan dynasty, 12th-13th century. Estimate $300,000 – $500,000. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2015 The bottle has a slender tapering body surmounted by a small cylindrical neck with rounded rim, and is covered allover in an even glaze of slightly bluish, sea-green color which falls in a line to just above the unglazed foot rim. 9 ¼ in. (23.6 cm.) high, Japanese silk brocade pouch, Japanese wood box and inner black lacquer box Provenance: Mori Family... [Lire la suite]