02 mai 2019

Middle Eastern Art Week led by £5.4 million portrait of Suleyman the Magnificent & 12 artist records

  Lot 129. Property of a Royal Collection. A portrait of Suleyman the Magnificent, by a follower of Gentile Bellini, Italy, probably Venice, circa 1520; oil on panel, framed; painting: 32.5 by 28cm. frame: 42 by 36cm. Estimate 250,000 — 350,000 GBP (290,200 - 406,280 EUR). Lot sold 5,323,500 GBP (6,172,085 EUR). Courtesy Sotheby's. LONDON.- The Arts of the Islamic World sale, which explores over 1,200 years of creativity and craftsmanship across... [Lire la suite]

17 avril 2019

A Mughal gem-set and enamelled gold archer's ring, North India, circa 17th century

Lot 183. A Mughal gem-set and enamelled gold archer's ring, North India, circa 17th century; 4.5cm. max. length. Estimate 10,000 — 15,000 GBP. Unsold. Courtesy Sotheby's. enamelled with a green ground and set with diamonds, pink gemstones and turquoise in the kundantechnique as a flowerhead with foliate stems, the interior with a white enamel ground and red, blue and green enamelled floral blossoms. Note: Archers' rings with an asymmetrical construction, such as the... [Lire la suite]
15 avril 2019

A large Mughal carved emerald, North India, circa 1800

Lot 170. A large Mughal carved emerald, North India, circa 1800; 3.4 by 4 by 0.9cm., 68.29 carats., 17.7grams. Estimate 30,000 — 50,000 GBP (34,824 - 58,040 EUR). Unsold. Courtesy Sotheby's. of heart-shaped form, the front carved with a lily in the centre, the reverse with petal pattern, the edge carved, later set in simple gold frame. Note: While India is rich in beryl minerals, emeralds were historically imported from Egypt. With the discovery of emerald mines in... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2019

Mughal jade at Sotheby's London, 01 May 2019

Lot 159. A Mughal carved jade candlestick, North India, 19th century; 18cm. height, 10cm. max. diam. Estimate 10,000 — 15,000 GBP. Unsold. Courtesy Sotheby's. the jade carved in typical candlestick form with hollow cylindrical interior, the exterior with vertical ribs, stylised leaves, and ropework borders. Note: Jade was one of the primary materials for Mughal sculptural expression between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. It was used in a wide variety of Mughal ornamentations such... [Lire la suite]
30 septembre 2018

A rare Mughal carved emerald, India, 17th-18th century

Lot 179. A rare Mughal carved Colombian emerald, India, 17th-18th century; 2.8 by 0.7cm. Est: £25,000 - £35,000. Courtesy Sotheby's. the front carved with three flowers emanating from a stem, the bevelled edge carved with a chevron design, reverse with a similar three foliate stem motif. Accompanied by Gemological Certification Services, London, numbered 78162-43, dated 14 June 2018, stating that the emerald is of Colombian origin, with indications of significant clarity enhancement. Cracks... [Lire la suite]
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18 août 2018

Art Deco Mughal Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Ring, circa 1925

Art Deco Mughal Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Ring, circa 1925. Sapphire, diamond, platinum, 2.8 x 2.2 x 1.9 cm (1.1 x .9 x .75 in.). Image courtesy Siegelson / Stand 360, TEFAF New York Fall 2018. In the 1920s, far off lands such as India, China, and Egypt became sources of inspiration for jewelers who borrowed from the decorative themes of foreign art and architecture. The ideal Art Deco jewels incorporated these exotic forms with a bold use of symmetry, geometry and color. This ring showcases both an... [Lire la suite]

07 août 2018

A two-coloured jade spoon, Mughal, 18th century

Lot 228. A two-coloured jade spoon, Mughal, 18th century. Estimate 8,000 — 12,000 GBP. Lot Sold 22,500 GBP. Photo: Sotheby’s. The spinach green bowl of scalloped form tapering to a neck carved with a band of acanthus leave, the pale green haft carved with ribs terminating in a scrolling finial rendered in the form of a peacock; 18.2cm. Notes: Mughal jade spoons are rare, a spoon of similar form was sold through these rooms 14 October 1999, lot 166 and other examples are... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2018

A Mughal or Ottoman shagreen and gem-set hilted dagger and scabbard, India or Turkey, 18th/19th century

Lot 164. A Mughal or Ottoman shagreen and gem-set hilted dagger and scabbard, India or Turkey, 18th-19th century; 30cm. Estimate 4,000 — 6,000 GBP. Courtesy Sotheby's 2018. the slightly curved watered-steel blade with openwork horizontal central ridge and gold decoration comprising palmettes and inscriptions to each side, the hilt covered in green-stained shagreen set with gilt mounts containing pink gemstones, scabbard with en-suite decoration and gem-set jade terminal, bespoke velvet case. ... [Lire la suite]
20 avril 2018

A Mughal jade-hilted dagger (khanjar) and scabbard, India, 18th century

Lot 163. A Mughal jade-hilted dagger (khanjar) and scabbard, India, 18th century; 39cm. Estimate 8,000 — 12,000 GBP. Courtesy Sotheby's 2018. the jade hilt with three buds at the pommel, carved throughout with leafy and foliate details, double-edged steel blade with central ridge, velvet-covered wood scabbard with metal terminal. Note: Comparable examples include jade hilts carved with buds or flourishing mulberries, a number of which were sold in these rooms: 9 April 2008, lot... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2017

Dagger with Scabbard, Indian, Mughal, 1605–27

Dagger with Scabbard, Indian, Mughal, 1605–27. Steel, iron, gold, rubies, emeralds, glass, wood, textile. L. 14 5/8 in. (37.1 cm); L. without scabbard 13 15/16 in. (35.4 cm); L. of grip 4 13/16 in. (12.2 cm); L. of blade 9 1/8 in. (23.2 cm); W. of grip 1 3/4 in. (4.4 cm); L. of scabbard 10 1/2 in. (26.7 cm). Purchase, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund and The Vincent Astor Foundation Gift, 1984, 1984.332 © 2000–2017 The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The hilt of the dagger is... [Lire la suite]
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