19 mars 2023

Manjusri, Nepal, early Malla period, c. 1300 AD

Manjusri, Nepal, early Malla period, c. 1300 AD. Gilded copper alloy, inlaid with semi-precious stones; 30 x 12.5 x 6 cm (12 x 4.9 x 2.4 in.). Courtesy NIES ORIENTAL ART at TEFAF Maastrich 2023 Provenance: Sotheby’s London, sale: Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian and South-East Asian works of Art, 4 July 1983, lot 72Collection Mr. Jean-Claude Tobailem, from 1983Collection Dr. Jean-Michel Pons, 1980s - 2022. The early Malla kingdom in Nepal produced some of the finest bronzes in Asia, including this striking... [Lire la suite]
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02 octobre 2022

Brooklyn Museum's entire floor devoted to arts of Asia and the Islamic World is now open

Reliquary in the Shape of a Stupa. China, Song dynasty, 986. Silver, 14 in. (35.6 cm). Brooklyn Museum; Gift of Mrs. Walter N. Rothschild and anonymous gift, by exchange, 2012.5a-d. Photo: Brooklyn Museum. BROOKLYN, NY.- The new home for the Arts of Asia and the Islamic World creates cross-cultural dialogue among collection areas and highlights diverse aesthetic, creative, social, and intellectual accomplishments across Asia and around the Mediterranean, from ancient times to the present day. These newly renovated galleries on... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2021

Bonhams announces New York Asia Week sale highlights for March 2021

© Bonhams 2001-2021  NEW YORK, NY.- An incredibly rare and museum-quality 11th century brass figure of Vajravarahi from Northeastern India, dating from the Pala Period; an important 10th century lacquered wood sculpture of Amida Buddha; and a wonderful grouping of Ming and Qing lacquer wares from the Collection of Robert W. Moore are among the highlights of Bonhams New York Asia Week sales announced today. This March, Bonhams New York will present a plethora of fine and rare works from a range of art historical... [Lire la suite]
19 septembre 2020

The Collection of James and Marilynn Alsdorf Goes up for Auction in New York

James and Marilynn Alsdorf, pictured in Miami in 1950. Photograph courtesy of the consignor For renowned Chicago collectors and philanthropists James and Marilynn Alsdorf, collecting art represented a unique opportunity for exploration, adventure, and the pursuit of beauty. ‘We looked for objects,’ Marilynn said, ‘to delight our eyes and our souls.’ Over the course of their four-decade marriage, the couple assembled a remarkable collection of artworks and objects spanning all eras and areas of the world. ‘The Alsdorf Collection is... [Lire la suite]
05 juin 2020

Indrani, Nepal, ca 18° siècle

Lot 175. Indrani, Nepal, ca 18° siècle. Cuivre repoussé et doré. H. 39 cm. Estimate: €7,500 - €9,000. © Cornette de Saint Cyr. Rare et belle représentation d'une déesse debout en pratyâlîdha, le pied droit reposant sur un éléphant. Trois de ses quatre mains maintiennent un kapala, un vajra et un parasol. Sa tête est couverte d'une tiare d'un type très proche de celui caractérisant généralement Indra le roi des dieux. L'effacement partiel des traits du visage par les dévotions reçues par l'objet a probablement... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2020

A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Nepal, 15th century

Lot 53. A gilt bronze figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Nepal, 15th century; 25.8cm (10 1/8) high. Estimate £15,000-25,000. Sold for £80,500 (€ 90,087). Photo: Bonhams. The Buddha seated cross-legged in dhyanasana, his hands raised and placed on his lap respectively in bhumisparsa mudra, simplistically attired with a shanghati draped across the left shoulder, bordered with beaded and floral hems, the benevolent face with downcast eyes inlaid with a turquoise urna, under a prominent domed usnisha formed with coiled... [Lire la suite]
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18 avril 2020

The “rebellious spirit” of Tantra to be explored for the first time at the British Museum

Chakrasamvara, Eastern India, 1100s. © The Trustees of the British Museum LONDON - Dr Imma Ramos, curator of Tantra: enlightenment to revolution, said: “This major exhibition will capture the rebellious spirit of Tantra, with its potential to disrupt prevailing social, cultural and political establishments. Tantra is usually equated with sex in the West, but it should be understood as part of a broader philosophy of transgression. We will demonstrate Tantra’s enduring potential for opening up new ways of seeing... [Lire la suite]
16 avril 2020

A rare gilt-copper figure of Avalokiteshvara Chaturbhuja, Nepal, 14th-15th century

Lot 77. A rare gilt-copper figure of Avalokiteshvara Chaturbhuja, Nepal, 14th-15th century; 13cm (5 1/8in) high. Estimate £ 3,000-4,000. Sold for £ 8,125 (€ 9,297). © Bonhams. The deity seated in dhyanasana on a high double lotus base, the main hands in anjali mudra, the others in vitarka mudra holding prayer beads and a lotus stem, wearing a dhoti and beaded jewellery inlaid with hardstones, the face with a benevolent expression, the hair piled into a high chignon surrounding a foliate tiara, the base sealed and... [Lire la suite]
16 avril 2020

A very rare small gilt-copper figure of Takkiraja, Nepal, circa 12th century

Lot 75. A very rare small gilt-copper figure of Takkiraja, Nepal, circa 12th century; 7.8cm (3 1/8in) high. Estimate £ 3,000-4,000. Sold for £ 10,000 (€ 11,443). © Bonhams. The wrathful deity standing in alidhasana, the right hand outstretched holding a hook, the left close to the chest, wearing a small garment incised with floral scrolls around the waist, adorned with an elaborate necklace and beaded anklets, the hair anklets, the long hair tied in a top knot surrounding a foliate tiara, with a later stand. ... [Lire la suite]
20 septembre 2019

Bonhams to offer 8 museum-quality sculptures from one of the most important Himalayan art collections

Lot 805. A Gilt Copper Alloy Figure of Manjushri, Nepal, 9th-10th Century. Himalayan Art Resources item no.68446; 37.7 cm (14 7/8 in.) high. Estimate: HK$ 20,000,000 - 25,000,000 (€ 2,300,000 - 2,900,000). Photo: Bonhams. HONG KONG.- The international auction house Bonhams will present ‘The Path of Compassion: Masterpieces of Buddhist Sculpture’ on 7 October in Hong Kong – a single owner sale of eight Buddhist sculptures from the esteemed Nyingjei Lam Collection. The Collection, which translates... [Lire la suite]