11 septembre 2019

The Fahey/Klein Gallery opens a solo exhibition of works by photographer Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi, Natalia, Paris, June 22nd, 2009. Chromogenic Print, Combined Ed. of 17, 20 1/8 x 15 7/8 inches © Paolo Roversi; courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York and Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES, CA.- The Fahey/Klein Gallery is presenting Intangible Presence, a solo exhibition of works by renowned photographer Paolo Roversi. This exhibition features commanding portraits, nudes, and interior studio still lifes that underscore his deep and direct connection with his subject... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2019

Pace/MacGill Gallery opens an exhibition by renowned fashion photographer Paolo Roversi

Paolo Roversi, Anna, Tokyo, 2016. Carbon print image, 29 3/4 x 22 7/8 inches. © Paolo Roversi; courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York. NEW YORK, NY.- Pace/MacGill Gallery is presenting an exhibition by renowned fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. Featuring striking portraits that eloquently bridge the spheres of commercial photography and fine art, alongside interior studio scenes, Paolo Roversi | Doubts offers an intimate look at over two decades of Roversi’s career as one of fashion’s preeminent image-makers from both... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2015

" Vogue like a painting " at Madrid, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, 30 June to 12 October 2015

Michael Thompson, Carmen as Zurbarán´s Santa Isabel, 2000. MADRID - Opening on 30 June, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is presenting the exhibition on photography Vogue like a painting. It features around seventy images inspired by paintings, selected from the archives of the magazine Vogue and taken by some of the leading names in photography of the past three decades. Tim Walker, The dress lamp tree, 2004. The photographs in the exhibition have been selected on the basis of their essentially pictorial qualities. Some make use... [Lire la suite]
29 novembre 2011

Jean-Baptiste Huynh »Monochrome« and Paolo Roversi »Nudi« @ Camera Work

Paolo Roversi, Kate, Paris, 1994. ©Paolo Roversi  BERLIN. CAMERA WORK is pleased to present a double exhibition with photographs by Paolo Roversi and Jean-Baptiste Huynh. The exhibition will open on November 26 and will show new photographs from the series »Nudi« by Paolo Roversi for the first time as well as the photo series »Monochrome« by Jean-Baptiste Huynh, which has never been shown before. Even though the series differ in their motives, they are even more connected with the subtle use of impressive illumination, a... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2010

Editorial: Dream Away with Liu Wen by Paolo Roversi for Vogue China, September 2010

Photographer: Paolo Roversi - Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn) - Stylist: Nicoletta SantoroSource: Scanned by williscrazy @ blogspot.com
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04 juillet 2010

Lily Cole by Paolo Roversi

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09 mai 2010

Edito: "Individuallure" with Freja Beha Erichsen by Paolo Roversi

Photos by Paolo Roversi, originally published in Vogue Italia (March 2008)
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09 mars 2010

Edito: ‘The Great Illusion’ with Lara Stone by Paolo Roversi for Italian Vogue March 2010

Photographer Paolo Roversi - Styled by Oliver Rizzo - Fashion: Versace, Chanel and Valentino Haute Couture
20 juin 2009

Paolo Roversi @ Camera Work, Berlin

Paolo Roversi, Guinevere in red Dress by Yves Saint Laurent, 1996 and Nudi, pictures of the studio of the artist in Paris, portraits, as well as works of his lightpaintings. Owing to the well-balanced quality of colors and the clear composition of the photographs of the artist as well as the particular charm and grace of his models, the observer of these photographs is often tempted to study them more as paintings. This effect is also a result of the technique of the artist. For over 35 years, Paolo Roversi, born in... [Lire la suite]
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