09 avril 2014

The 'BI Yun Feng' Laoshan serpentine scholar's rock, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period (1736-1795)

lot 3627. The 'Bi Yun Feng' Laoshan serpentine scholar's rock, Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period (1736-1795); 30 cm., 11 3/4 in. Estimate 300,000 — 500,000 HKD. Lot sold 375,000 HKD. Photo Sotheby's the attenuated deep green stone of vertical orientation with a fine tight golden speckled grain and black veining, polished to a high gloss, zitan stand. Provenance: Richard Rosenblum Collection. Exhibited: Robert Mowry and Claudia Brown, World Within Worlds: The Richard Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholars' Rocks, Asia... [Lire la suite]

22 septembre 2013

A rare and unusual jade pierced scholar's rock, China, around 1900

A rare and unusual jade pierced scholar's rock, China, around 1900. Photo Auktionshaus Stahl. Carved celadon-green jade. Naturalistically shaped rock, ressembling bumpy and weathered stones in nature. At the front a relief with 5 bats. On an exceptional hardwood stand (add.). Overall h. 30,5 cm. Estimation : 6 500 €  Auktionshaus Stahl. Vendredi 27 septembre 2013. Graumannsweg 54 - 22087 Hamburg. Tel.: +49 (0) 40 34 34 71.
25 août 2012

Chinese scholar's wax stone

Chinese scholar's wax stone. 2012 © Freeman's Auctioneers & Appraisers The smooth stone some dimpled surface fitted on finely carved base decorated with pine and lingzhi. H of stone: 13 in. H of stand: 5 in. Estimate $800-1,000  PROVENANCE: Property of a Chicago Lady  Freeman's Auctioneers & Appraisers. ASIAN ARTS. Sep 09 2012 10:00 http://www.freemansauction.com
20 août 2012

Chinese lingbi scholar's rock on stand

Chinese lingbi scholar's rock on stand. 2012 © Freeman's Auctioneers & Appraisers The black and smooth stone of smooth, naturalistic form with open sections; with fitted wood base. H: 18 in. Estimate $2,000-3,000  Freeman's Auctioneers & Appraisers. ASIAN ARTS. Sep 09 2012 10:00
25 mars 2012

A Ying 'Gong Xian' style Scholar's Rock. Qing dynasty

A Ying 'Gong Xian' style Scholar's Rock. Qing dynasty. photo Sotheby's of solid, block-like formation, oriented to form a mountain plateau reminiscent of the manner of the Ming dynasty artist Gong Xian, with narrow crevices and steep angular jags, the gray stone with dramatic black and white vertical and horizontal striation, hardwood stand (2). Length 16 in., 40.8 cm. Estimation 30,000-40,000 USD. Lot vendu: 37,500 USD Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. New... [Lire la suite]
07 septembre 2011

A Large Lingbi scholar's rock. China

A Large Lingbi scholar's rock. China. Photo Bonhams The creamy white stone of curved and tapering form with multiple fissures and raised on a root wood base; 23 in. (58.4 cm.). Estimate: US$4,000 - 6,000 Bonhams. The Sartin Collection of Asian Art, 13 Sep 2011, New York www.bonhams.com

04 août 2011

Chinese Scholar's Rock

Chinese Scholar's Rock. Photo Doyle New York The honey yellow stone with a brick red inclusion, possibly Hong Si, set in fitted wood stand. Height 12 inches. Estimate $1,500-2,500 Doyle New York. Asian Works of Art. Monday, September 12, 2011 at 10am www.doylenewyork.com
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08 juin 2010

Treasures of the Chinese Scholar @ Nagel

A carevd agate brushwasher with lotos and boy on a carved wood stand, China, 19th ct. © 2010 Nagel - Auctions B. 18,5 cm - Few very small chips, good condition - Estimate (EUR) 1500 Sold (EUR) 3 600 Property from an European private collection A fine carved carneol brushwasher with tree and rock, China, 18th/19th ct © 2010 Nagel - Auctions L. 13,7 cm. - Slightly chipped - Estimate (EUR) 3500 Sold (EUR) 3 600 A spinach-green jade seal with dragon handle, China, seal to base: jize huangxuan © 2010 Nagel -... [Lire la suite]
05 avril 2010

“Water, Pine And Stone Retreat Collection - Objects cf Contemplation” @ Sotheby’s Hong Kong

Lot 1728. The Qianlong Emperor's Bamboo-veneer Ruyi Sceptre. An imperially inscribed bamboo-veneer ruyi-sceptre, Qianlong period, poem composed in the bingzi year (1756); 34.7 cm., 13 5/8 in. Estimate 13,000,000 - 15,000,000 HKD. Lot sold 15,780,000 HKD (1,529,790 EUR). Photo courtesy Sotheby's the smooth, golden bamboo-veneer surface carved with a naturalistic curved lingzhi stalk terminating with a large head with an attendant fungus on the top, the decoration incised in low-relief on three... [Lire la suite]
16 mars 2010

A rare large inscribed duan stone scholar's rock. 18th/19th century

A rare large inscribed duan stone scholar's rock. 18th/19th century. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2010 The vertical 'rock' well carved in low relief on one side with a vignette of bamboo, plum blossom, orchid and chrysanthemum, and inscribed with a poetic inscription signed Liqi Yu, with two seals shanxing (prunus) and shizhai, the purplish-brown stone with numerous pale grey-green eyes - 21 in. (53.5 cm.) high, wood stand - Est. $60,000 - $80,000 Provenance: E & J Frankel, Ltd., New York, late 1970s - early 1980s. ... [Lire la suite]