23 novembre 2016

Russian Baroque tankard, Siberia, 1751

Lot 1231. Russian Baroque tankard, Siberia, 1751. Estimate: € 5000-6000. Photo Hampel Auction Metal, wrought, gold-plated, engraved and hallmarked. About profiled standing ring of cylindrical body with profiled, grooved mouth. Cast handle in C- and S-shaped hood with subsequent socket lid with ball finial. Body with engraved and embossed decoration on punched ground. On one side a stylized horse, on the other side a stylized Russian eagles be bowing down. Age and... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2016

A mammoth skull, late Pleistocene, Quaternary period (2.6 million years old), Siberia

Lot 2851. A mammoth skull, mammuthus primigenius (woolly mammoth), late Pleistocene, Quaternary period (2.6 million years old), Siberia. Estimate HKD 650,000 — 750,000 (73,403 - 84,695 EUR). Lot Sold 2,480,000 HKD (280,059 EUR). Photo: Sotheby's. the monumental skull of an individual Mammuthus primigenius exceptionally preserved, the skull with a piercing elongated cavity above a pair of long tusks powerfully extending out towards the sides with... [Lire la suite]
22 janvier 2013

Cuprite octohedra, from Siberia

Cuprite octohedra, from Siberia.
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