30 octobre 2013

Exhibition at Museo Fondazione Roma presents riches from a Neapolitan treasure trove

Matteo Treglia, Mitra, 1713, gilded silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and garnets. ROME.- Never before has such a considerable amount of masterpieces belonging to the most important collection of goldsmith art in the world, together with original documents, paintings, drawings, vestments and church plate, been exhibited beyond the walls of Naples.  This exhibition offers an opportunity to investigate the inestimable artistic and cultural value of the treasure of Saint Januarius from a scientific point of view.  The... [Lire la suite]

05 août 2013

Ambrogio Lorenzetti (before 1317 - c. 1348), St. John the Baptist, 1337-42

Ambrogio Lorenzetti (before 1317 - c. 1348), St. John the Baptist, 1337-42. KMS8314. National Gallery of Denmark Recent studies show that this small late Gothic painting was originally part of an altarpiece dedicated to St. Crescentius. This altarpiece was one of four commissioned by the cathedral in Siena as part of a grand decoration scheme to celebrate the city’s patron saints and the Virgin Mary. The avant-garde of the time The altarpieces were highly innovative in their overall structure and subject matter and... [Lire la suite]
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