04 juillet 2014

Underglaze blue tripod waterpot, 9th century, Tang Dynasty

Underglaze blue tripod waterpot, 9th century, Tang Dynasty (618-907). Stoneware. Width 9 cm. Height 7.5 cm. Probably made by a kiln in Gongxian, Henan Province. Purchased in 1953. Collection of the University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong. © Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces, 2013 Scholar's object for holding water in preparing ink Tt is one of the earliest intact examples of Chinese stoneware with under-glaze blue decoration, later known as "blue-and-white" wares. Probably unearthed from a Tang... [Lire la suite]
02 juillet 2014

Court Lady & Gentleman, China, Tang Dynasty

Court Lady & Gentleman, China, Tang Dynasty (h. 78 cm) - Photo courtesy VANDERVEN ORIENTAL ART MASTERPIECES London 2014. VANDERVEN ORIENTAL ART. STAND A21. Ms van der Ven. Nachtegaalslaantje 1, 5211 LE s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. T +31 73 61 46 251 - M +33 6 53 17 85 21 - F +31 73 61 30 662 - E-mail info@vanderven.com - Website http://www.vandervencom/
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22 juin 2014

Fine Kangxi Porcelain and Imperial Jades lead rich offerings at Bonhams San Francisco In June 24 Jun 2014

Two massive blue and white ovoid jars, Kangxi. Estimate US$ 100,000 - 200,000 (€74,000 - 150,000). Photo Bonhams. San Francisco — Two massive blue and white 'soldier' vases, formerly in the collection of Salvador Ugarte of Mexico City, stand out amongst a select group of Chinese Kangxi period porcelains to be offered at Bonhams San Francisco on June 24. The term 'soldier' refers to the famous group of 151 Chinese blue and white porcelains which Augustus the Stone of Saxony received from Friedrich Wilhelm I of Russia... [Lire la suite]
17 juin 2014

A Stoneware Ewer, Tang dynasty

A Stoneware Ewer, Tang dynasty. Photo courtesy Uppsala Auktion. Of ovoid body with a trumpet neck and slightly everted foot-rim, double loop handle and short conical spout, covered inside and out in a brownish glaze suffused with bluish streaks, the glaze ends irregularly around the foot to expose the grey stoneware body. Height: 28 cm. Estimate: SEK 120.000 - 150.000 (EUR 13.000 - 17.000). Hammer price: SEK 260.000 Provenance: The collection of Karl E. and Tove Strömstad, Oslo. Leigh Ashton collection, then to Riesco... [Lire la suite]
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13 juin 2014

Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Treasures from Famen Temple and the Tang Court

Turtle-shaped container, China, by 874, partly gilded silver, 13 x 15 x 28.3 cm, probably used to store tea powder. From the rear chamber of the Famen Temple crypt. Famen Temple Museum. Image courtesy of Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Basket decorated with flying geese (longzi), China, by 874, gilded silver, 17.8 x 16.1 x 16.1 cm. From the rear chamber of the Famen Temple crypt. Famen Temple Museum. Image courtesy of Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Basin engraved with mandarin ducks... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2014

A pottery figure of a dog, Tang Dynasty

A pottery figure of a dog, Tang Dynasty. Photo Sotheby's naturalistically modelled as a dog seated on its haunches with its long tail curled tightly upwards at the back, its head held upright and flanked by floppy ears, traces of red earth adhering to the body, stand; 10.9 cm., 4 1/4 in. Estimation 20,000 — 30,000 HKD PROPERTY FROM THE BAOYIZHAI COLLECTION Sotheby's. Playthings From The Collection of Edward T. Chow Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Collections Chinese Art Through the Eye of Sakamoto Gor - Asian Lacquer. Hong... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2014

'Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections' at LACMA

Liang Kai, China, The Poet Li Bai Chanting a Poem on a Stroll, Southern Song dynasty, 13th century, Hanging scroll; ink on paper, Tokyo National Museum, Important Cultural Property, image courtesy of TNM Image Archive. LOS ANGELeS -This is the first major exhibition in the United States to explore the story of Chinese paintings in Japan over the course of six hundred years, featuring nearly forty masterpieces of the Tang (618–906), Song (960–1279), Yuan (1260–1368), and Ming (1368–1644) dynasties. Most of these... [Lire la suite]
04 mai 2014

Two Changsha ewers, Tang Dynasty

Two Changsha ewers, Tang Dynasty. Photo Bonhams. With lobed bodies and faceted spouts, the first incised with a stylised bird amongst rockwork, painted in red and brown glazes on an olive glazed ground; the second with ribbed lug handles and moulded twin fish beneath the spout, the body also covered in an olive glaze. The largest 22.5cm (8.7/8in) high. Estimate £1,500 - 2,500 (€1,800 - 3,000) Provenance: Clive D. Collins Collection and an English Private Collection. Changsha was an important kiln area situated in South China... [Lire la suite]
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02 mai 2014

A small Xingyao box and cover, Tang dynasty (618-907)

A small Xingyao box and cover, Tang dynasty (618-907). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2014. The box is formed with a short tapered foot, rising to an angular body with steep sides. The shallow domed cover is surmounted with a knop finial. The box is covered with an opaque white glaze, with some areas of greenish tinge to the cover. 3 in. (7.6 cm.) diam. Estimate £6,000 – £8,000 ($10,128 - $13,504) Provenance: Dr. Carl Kempe Collection, no. 343Sotheby's, London, 4 November 2008, lot 480Ulricehamn East Asian Museum, SwedenWith... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2014

A small sancai-glazed waterpot, Tang Dynasty

A small sancai-glazed waterpot, Tang Dynasty. Photo Bonhams. The fine alms-bowl-shaped waterpot made for the scholar's desk, of compressed globular form, with an incised line around the rim, decorated with blue, ochre and cream splashes around the shoulders. 5.4cm (2 1/8in) diam. Estimate £3,000 - 5,000 (€3,600 - 6,100) Provenance: George Eumorfopoulos Collection (1863-1939) (label)Peter Selinka Collection (label) Published and illustrated: R.L.Hobson, The Catalogue of the George Eumorfopoulos Collection of Chinese, Corean... [Lire la suite]
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