22 septembre 2019

"Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro... Les grands maîtres du japon. Collection Leskowicz" à l'Hôtel de Caumont - Centre d'Art

 Utagawa Kunisada (1786 - 1864), Le Type populaire, série Physionomie de trente-deux types dans le monde moderne, 1821-1822, nishiki-e, 38,2 x 27 cm, Collection Georges Leskowicz, Photo : © Christian Moutarde. L’Hôtel de Caumont-Centre d’art présente les coutumes et la culture japonaise de l’époque Edo (1600-1867), à travers plus de 150 estampes ukiyo-e et autres objets remarquables dévoilés au public français pour la toute première fois. Ils sont pour la plupart issus de la collection de Georges... [Lire la suite]

12 mars 2018

Tragic love story, inspiring art and music for over 1,000 years, is focus of new Worcester Art Museum exhibition

Early Ming Dynasty, Chinese, Ming Huang and Yang Gueifei Listening to Music, (detail), 1368-1400, ink and light color on silk, Museum Purchase. The tragic love story of the historic Chinese emperor Ming Huang (reigned 712-756) and his consort Yang Guifei has inspired artists, musicians, and writers across Asia for centuries. It is now the focus of a new exhibition, Dangerous Liaisons Revisited, opening at the Worcester Art Museum on January 20, 2018. Centered on the Museum’s 14th- to 17th-century Ming period handscroll painting,... [Lire la suite]
03 mars 2017

Chester Beatty Library opens special exhibition focusing on colour woodblock prints

Totoya Hokkei, Rooster threatening a painted cockerel, 1825, Japan, CBL J 2116 © 2017 Chester Beatty Library DUBLIN.- The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin is presenting a special exhibition focusing on one of the treasures of the Library’s Japanese collection: the colour woodblock prints known as surimono. Combining short verses by poets with elegantly executed illustrations by the most famous names of the floating world, these privately commissioned prints open a window onto the flourishing literary... [Lire la suite]
10 mars 2015

Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art to exhibit 'Paintings and Prints of the Floating World'

Miyagawa Isshō (1689–1779); Bewhiskered Man Importuning a Wakashū; hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, Edo period, Genbun/Kampō eras, 1736–44; 33¼ x 17⅜ in. (84.5 x 44 cm). Signed: Nihon e Miyagawa Isshō ga; Sealed: [illegible], Tō. Photo courtesy Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art. NEW YORK, NY.- Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art will present Paintings and Prints of the Floating World from March 14 to 20, 2015 at their gallery on East 76th Street. The exhibition will feature a range of high quality eighteenth and nineteenth... [Lire la suite]
04 août 2014

Japanese "Still life" color woodcuts of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Wind Flowers in a porcelain bowl, Yashima Gakutei, Rokujuen, 1810 - 1819, color woodcut; line block in black with color blocks; metal pigments, h 211mm × 186mm. Bequest of JA Bierens de Haan, Amsterdam,  1958. RP-P-1958-422. The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. © The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. A lacquered bowl, Kubota Shunman, Shukumendô, c. 1810 - c. 1820, color woodcut; embossing; line block in black with color blocks; metal pigments, h 214mm × 186mm. color... [Lire la suite]
06 avril 2010

"Under the Skin: Tattoos in Japanese Prints" @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA)

Kitagawa Utamaro I, Japanese, (?)–1806, Onitsutaya Azamino and Gontarô, a Man of the World (Onitsutaya Azamino, isami-tsû Gontarô), from the series True Feelings Compared: The Founts of Love (Jitsu kurabe iro no minakami) 「実競色乃美名家見 鬼蔦屋薊野 いさみ通権太四良」Vertical ôban; 38.7 x 25 cm (15 1/4 x 9 13/16 in. Woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and color on paper. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Langenbach in memory of Charles Hovey Pepper, 1954. Accession number: 54.1519. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston © 2010 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston BOSTON,... [Lire la suite]