10 février 2019

A burnished black pottery jar and cover, hu, Warring States Period-Early Western Han Dynasty, 3rd-2nd century BC

Lot 702. A burnished black pottery jar and cover, hu, Warring States Period-Early Western Han Dynasty,3rd-2nd century BC; 12¾ in. (32.5 cm.) high. Estimate USD 4,000 - USD 6,000. Price realised USD 75,000. © Christie’s Image Ltd 2014 The jar and cover have a burnished black exterior. The body of the jar is encircled by three double-grooved bands -- one mid-body, the other two forming the borders of a wide matte band decorated with burnished vertical zigzags on the... [Lire la suite]

22 janvier 2019

Four Chinese bronze mirrors sold at Lempertz, 8 december 2018

Lot 744. A round bronze mirror, Warring States period-early Western Han dynasty, circa 3rd century B.C.; Diameter 18.6 cm. Estimated price €2.000 - €3.000. Result: €3.750. © Lempertz. Thinly cast, the central small knob encircled by bands and four petals, the main field with four running dragons on a ground of spirals and granulation, the rim with twelve arcs. Spotty green ang brown patina. Possibly from the Luoyang area, Henan province. Provenance: Private collection, Belgium. Literature: Compare: Ancient... [Lire la suite]