11 mars 2015

Jadestone, 'Scholarly Pursuits' at Asia Week New York 2015

Qian Shiquan, Painting of a gnarled pine tree and calligraphy. Dated 1733. Collected by Arthur B. Guenther in the 1960's. Jadestone at Asia Week New York 2015 A Fine Zitan Brush Pot. China, Qing Dynasty. Zitan wood. Height: 7.1 inches (18 cm). Jadestone at Asia Week New York 2015 Agate snuff bottle carved with a Qilin. Official School, 1760-1850. 5 cm tall without stopper. Jadestone at Asia Week New York 2015 Jadestone... [Lire la suite]
12 août 2014

A greyish-white and black jade carving of a cat, Ming dynasty, 17th century

A greyish-white and black jade carving of a cat, Ming dynasty, 17th century. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2008 Carved from the natural pebble form as a recumbent cat wrapped in a long cloth tied in a bow at its back, its eyes wide open in an intent gaze above its long whiskers, with its head resting on its front paws and its long tail flicked up onto its back, the stone of a mottled greyish-white color with some black inclusions; together with a small agate carving, 18th/19th century, in the form of a conch shell on a... [Lire la suite]
11 août 2014

Back on Boucheron Art Deco Jewelry at Christie's, 17 November 1998, Geneva

An elegant emerald and diamond bracelet, by Boucheron. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 1998 Designed as three baguette, triangular and shield-shaped diamond openwork panels to the rectangular-cut emerald spacers, circa 1929, 18.5 cm., with French assay marks, in its original Boucheron blue leather case. Signed by Boucheron, Paris. Estimate: CHF44,000 - CHF50,000 ($32,023 - $36,390). Price Realized  CHF65,500 ($47,707) A mother-of-pearl, diamond, enamel and onyx vanity case, by... [Lire la suite]
08 août 2014

A Carved Agate, Gold and Multi Gem Centerpiece & A Rhodochrosite and Silver Cup, Chaumet Paris

A Carved Agate, Gold and Multi Gem Centerpiece, Pierre Sterlé for Chaumet Paris, Circa 1960, Paris, France, 27.90 x 33.00 x 27.90 cm. Estimate $ 20,000-30,000. a dramatic work combining a fine freeform agate bowl with variegated reddish brown, pale yellow and light grey hues in swirling patterns with a sculpted stylized ram formed from solid 18 karat gold with intricately textured and layered surface emulating fur interspersed with numerous round brilliant cut diamonds, the eyes inset with emeralds, the front of the... [Lire la suite]
25 juillet 2014

Harvest Snuff Bottle, China, late 19th century, agate

Harvest Snuff Bottle, China, late 19th century, agate © 2001-2014 The Peabody Essex Museum.
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19 juillet 2014

The Masterworks of Harold Van Pelt

Agate Rhyton by Harold Van Pelt: carved agate drinking vessel with gold capped nose with a hole to restrict the flow of liquid. (Photo courtesy Bowers Museum) Quartz Twin Vases by Harold Van Pelt: Rock crystal vases measuring 10 ½ in high × 3 in. in diameter at the top and 3 ½ in. at the base. Each vase has 96 facets. The tops of the covers are made of green and pink tourmalines. (Photo courtesy Bowers Museum) Balancing Act' by Harold Van Pelt. An acorn-shaped Quartz container suspended from a base of Rutilated Quartz ... [Lire la suite]

06 juin 2014

Tabatière en agate, Dynastie Qing, XIXe siècle

Tabatière en agate, Dynastie Qing, XIXe siècle. Photo Sotheby's sculpté en léger relief d'enfant et lotus d'un côté et de poisson et lotus de l'autre (2); 6,3 cm, 2 1/2 in. Estimation 2,500 — 3,500 EUR A SILHOUETTE AGATE SNUFF-BOTTLE, QING DYNASTY, 19TH CENTURY Sotheby's, Arts d'Asie, Paris | 10 juin 2014 - http://www.sothebys.com/
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23 mai 2014

5 Jade and Agate Carvings with Animals, China, Qing dynasty (1644-1912) or somewhat later

5 Jade and Agate Carvings with Animals, China, Qing dynasty (1644-1912) or somewhat later. Photo courtesy Auctionata Carved jade and agate. Jade archaistic rhyton. Square belt hook. Agate brush washer with boys and bats. Mutton fat jade’ belt hook with flecks of turquoise. Boar with a parrot. Width: 4 to 14 cm. Height: 2 to 7 cm. Good condition. Estimation : 800 € / 1 000 € Provenance: Danish private collection Good carvings imitating traditional Han, Ming and Qing... [Lire la suite]
23 mai 2014

Bronze Belt Hook, Two Carvings of Jade and Agate,

Bronze Belt Hook, Two Carvings of Jade and Agate,  China, Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) and late Qing dynasty (1644-1912). Photo courtesy Auctionata Bronze, jade and agate. Belt hook encrusted with a rich patina of malachite green. Jade Ming style crane with a lingzhi fungus. The stone typical of that sourced in the Ming dynasty, of mottled celadon and brown tones. An agate brush washer in the form of a monkey and peach. Length of the belt hook: 7 cm. Width of the carvings: 6 to... [Lire la suite]
13 mai 2014

Important cachet moghol en agate, Lucknow, 19e siècle

Important cachet moghol en agate, Lucknow, 19e siècle. Photo Artcurial. Cachet rond en jade gris céladon, gravé en caractères nasta'liq, à monture d'argent en forme de dôme étagé, décorée au repoussé de deux rangs de rinceaux végétaux. Prise sphérique en argent gravé, garnie de fils de soie orange formant un pompon. L'inscription mentionne le nom de Shah Jahan et la date 1046 A.H. (1636 A.D.). Diamètre : 9,5 cm. Estimation : 6 000 € / 8 000 €AN IMPORTANT MOGHUL AGATE SEAL FROM LUCKNOW WITH SILVER MOUNT AND SILK... [Lire la suite]