25 décembre 2018

Mesopotamian Jewelry from 'The Body Transformed' At The Met Fifth Avenue

Necklace pendants and beads, Old Babylonian, ca. 18th–17th century B.C., Mesopotamia, said to be from Dilbat. Gold. L. 42 in. (3.6 cm); D. of largest medallion 1 3/8 in. (3.6 cm), Fletcher Fund, 1947, 47.1a-h. © 2000–2018 The Metropolitan Museum of Art. These gold pendants and beads exemplify the finest craftsmanship in gold from the ancient Near East, and each represents a deity or the symbol of a deity. The two female figures, wearing horned headdresses and long flounced dresses, probably represent Lama, a protective goddess; the... [Lire la suite]