21 janvier 2017

Iznik blue and white hexagonal tile, Turkey, circa 1540-45

Iznik blue and white hexagonal tile, Turkey, circa 1540-45, 25.5cm high, 22.5cm wide. Amir Mohtashemi Ltd at Brafa Art Fair, Brussels, 21-29 january 2017. This hexagonal tile is painted in cobalt blue and turquoise under transparent glaze on a white ground. The surface of the tile is decorated with a large star. In the centre of the star there is a blue and turquoise rosette with protruding stems terminating in various flower heads. Two similar hexagonal blue and white tiles can be found in The Victoria & Albert Museum,... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2016

Iznik tile Pottery, Ottoman Turkey, circa 1540-45

Iznik tile Pottery, 25.5 x 22.5 cm, Ottoman Turkey, circa 1540-45. This tile will be exhibited at TEFAF 2016 (11-20 March) Antiques by Amir Mohtashemi (stand 239).