02 septembre 2022

Three copper-red-glazed vase and a coral-glazed vase, Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and later

Lot 711. Three copper-red-glazed vases and a coral-glazed vase, Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and later. Hauteurs : 16,4 cm. (61⁄2 in.), 16,5 cm. (61⁄2 in.), 21,2 cm. (83⁄8 in.), 28,5 cm. (111⁄4 in.). Price Realised EUR 11,340 (Estimate EUR 2,000 - EUR 3,000). © Christie's 2022 Provenance: Private European Collection, Venice, Italy, assembled in the first half of the 20th century and then by descent within the family. Christie's. Art of Asia, Paris, 27... [Lire la suite]

06 août 2021

A copper-red-glazed vase, Qing dynasty, 19th century

Lot 8. A copper-red-glazed vase, Qing dynasty, 19th century; Height 15⅞ in., 40.3 cm. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000 USD. Lot sold: 5,040 USD. Courtesy Sotheby's. Property from the Collection of Loyd and Linda Crawley. Sotheby's. The Hundred Antiques: Fine & Decorative Asian Art, New York, 11-22 June 2021  
19 janvier 2021

A copper-red-glazed vase, 18th century

Lot 7. A copper-red-glazed vase, 18th century; 11 1/2in (29.3cm) high. Estimate $1,500 - 2,500. Sold for US$ 4,462 (€ 3,699). Courtesy Bonhams. The pear-shaped vessel tapering inward to a slender neck and covered with a rich copper red glazed thinning in color at the mouth. Property from the collection of Rosalind Ching Pastor. Published and exhibited: Masterworks of Chinese Art. The Rosalind Ching Pastor Collection. Catalogue of an exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts July 28 - Sept 25,... [Lire la suite]
04 février 2020

A large copper-red-glazed vase, 18th-19th century

Lot 1176. A large copper-red-glazed vase, 18th-19th century; 16 1/8 in. (41 cm.) high. Estimate USD 10,000 - USD 15,000. Price realised USD 13,750. © Christie's Images Ltd 2012  The tall vase is of baluster form with high shoulders and a slightly flared mouth. The body is covered in a crackled glaze of crushed strawberry color that fades to an ivory tone on the mouth and in the interior. The base is covered in a crackled, pale celadon-toned glaze. Christie's. Fine Chinese... [Lire la suite]
23 décembre 2019

A copper-red-glazed vase, 18th century

Lot 113. A copper-red-glazed vase, 18th century; 8 7/8 in. (22.1 cm.) high. Estimate GBP 6,000 - GBP 8,000. Price realised GBP 7,170. © Christie's Images Ltd 2004 The globular bottle vase with a tall cylindrical neck, covered overall in a pinkish-red glaze thinning to white towards the rim with a mottling effect, the glaze stopping neatly above the unglazed base.  Provenance: K. W. Woollcombe-BoyceE. T. Hall Collection, no. 182. Christie's. Chinese Monochrome... [Lire la suite]
17 décembre 2019

A copper-red-glazed vase, meiping, Kangxi period (1662-1722)

Lot 105. A copper-red-glazed vase, meiping, Kangxi period (1662-1722); 7 in. (18 cm.) high. Estimate: USD 3,000 - USD 5,000. Price Realised: USD 10,625. © Christie's Images Ltd 2019 The high-shouldered vase is covered overall with a crackled glaze of rich, crushed-strawberry tone. Provenance: Dudley Leavitt Pickman (1850-1938) Collection, Boston.Dudley Leavitt Pickman Jr. (1885-1964) Collection, Boston.Edward Motley Pickman (1886-1959) Collection, Boston, and thence by descent within the family.... [Lire la suite]

22 juillet 2019

A copper-red-glazed vase, 18th century

Lot 871. A copper-red-glazed vase, 18th century; 14¼ in. ( 36.3 cm.) high. Estimate USD 4,000 - USD 6,000. Price realised USD 7,500. © Christie's Images Ltd 2014  The urn-shaped body is encircled by a bow-string band below the pronounced edge of the sloping shoulder which tapers towards the neck flanked by a pair of scroll handles. The vase is covered overall in a deep red glaze thinning below the rim near and on the handles. The interior and base are covered in a glaze of pale celadon color with dark grey... [Lire la suite]
14 octobre 2016

A copper-red-glazed vase, Qing dynasty, 18th century, Xuande mark

Lot 3660. A copper-red-glazed vase, Qing dynasty, 18th century, Xuande mark. Estimate 80,000 — 100,000 HKD. Lot sold 225,000 HKD. Photo: Sothebys. potted with a slender ovoid body surmounted by a tapered neck, the lower neck with rounded steps, applied overall save for the base with a warm copper-red glaze, the countersunk white base inscribed with an apocryphal underglaze-blue six-character Xuande mark within a double-circle, wood stand; 19.8 cm, 7 3/4  in. Sotheby's,... [Lire la suite]
02 septembre 2016

Three copper-red-glazed vases and a water pot, 18th-19th century

Lot 1954. Three copper-red-glazed vases and a water pot, 18th-19th century. Estimate USD 2,000 - USD 3,000. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016. Comprising a compressed globular vase, a gilt-metal-mounted faceted vase, a globular water pot, 18th-19th century, and a baluster vase, 18th century.Compressed globular vase 8 1/8 in. (20.6 cm.) highFaceted vase 7 3/8 in. (18.7 cm.) highWater pot 2 ½ in. (6.4 cm.) high Baluster vase 6 ¾ in. (17.1 cm.) high.  Provenance: Bottle vase:Flora E. Whiting... [Lire la suite]
21 février 2016

A small copper-red-glazed vase, meiping, 18th century

A small copper-red-glazed vase, meiping, 18th century © Christie's Image 2003 Covered with a glaze of soft crushed strawberry tone, the mouth rim, interior of neck and base glazed white - 7½in. (19cm.) high. Lot 333. Estimate $5,000 - $7,000. Price Realized $10,755  Provenance: Lord Bauer Collection.  Christie's. FINE CHINESE CERAMICS AND WORKS OF ART, 18 September 2003, New York, Rockefeller Plaza