25 janvier 2022

Marbled ceramics from Song and Jin dynasties sold at Sotheby's London, 15 May 2007

Lot 9. A rare marbled yuhuchunping, Song-Jin dynasty (960-1234); 28.5cm., 11 1/4 in. Sold 7,200 GBP (Estimate 8,000 - 10,000 GBP). © Sotheby's. the elegant pear-shaped body rising from a short spreading foot to a tall flaring neck with everted rim, well-potted from marbled clays of buff and dark brown tone creating an irregular pattern of whorls in imitation of marble, covered overall with a translucent ivory coloured glaze. Large marbled wares of the Song period, such as the present bottle vase,... [Lire la suite]

23 février 2020

A 'Ding' foliate-shaped dish, Early Northern Song dynasty (960-1127)

Lot 511. A 'Ding' foliate-shaped dish, Early Northern Song dynasty (960-1127); diameter 6 1/4 in., 15.9 cm. Estimate 20,000 — 30,000 USD. Lot sold 62,500 USD. Courtesy Sotheby's. the finely potted thin sides divided into five lobes by deep indentations and flaring lobed rim, covered overall in a translucent glaze of ivory tone gathering in pools on the underside, the unglazed foot revealing the fine white body, the recessed base incised... [Lire la suite]
10 décembre 2018

An Yingqing stemcup, early Northern Song dynasty

Lot 62. An Yingqing stemcup, early Northern Song dynasty (960-1127); 6,5 cm, 2 5/8  in. Estimate 3,000 — 5,000 EUR. Unsold. © Sotheby's la panse pentalobée aux côtés profonds et arrondis reposant sur un pied s'évasant en partie inférieure, la belle glaçure couleur ivoire s'arrêtant à mi-pied.  Sotheby's. Art d'Asie, 11 décembre 2018