28 avril 2016

A rare flambé glazed vase, fang hu, Yongzheng incised six-character seal mark and of the period (1723-1735)

Lot 67. A rare flambé glazed vase, fang hu, Yongzheng incised six-character seal mark and of the period (1723-1735). Estimate £30,000 – £50,000 ($43,710 - $72,850). Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2016  The vase is powerfully potted with a wide body rising to a tapering neck and everted lipped rim between twin square-form tubular handles to the narrow sides. It is covered in a rich raspberry-red flambé glaze suffused with vibrant purple and milky white streaks, thinning to beige at the extremities of... [Lire la suite]

09 juin 2012

Vase en bronze de patine brune de forme Fang Hu & Coupe de type gui. Chine, période Ming

Vase en bronze de patine brune de forme Fang Hu. Chine, période Ming. Fin du XVIIe siècle. Photo VERSAILLES ENCHERES S.A.R.L à l'imitation des bronzes archaïques de la période Shang, décoré de motifs ciselés en relief de masques de Taotie et dragons Kui affrontés, les anses en forme de tête de dragons stylisés. Présence de graphies archaïsantes sur la base. H : 37 cm. Lot 215 - Estimation: 1 500/1 800€ NDB: La photo du vase a été censurée par l'acquéreur qui revendique son droit à l'image!!! Vive la liberté... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2011

Song dynasty's Junyao type vase, Yingqing vase, proto-porcelain jug & Longquanyao celadon @ Czerny's

Small junyao type vase,  Fang Hu shaped. Song -Ming dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's Beautiful shape, entirely covered with thick, dark blue, dotted enamel showing, at the borders, the brown proto-porcelain typical of this period.  Excellent conditions. high 10,6 cm. Estimate 2800.00 | 3500.00 € An important Yingqing vase. Song dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's Slender, elegant shape, with two small handles depicting spirals, at the neck and the shoulder are three rows of spherical pearls. Relieved... [Lire la suite]
23 avril 2010

fang hu, Seal Mark and Period of Qianlong, teadust glazed

A fine teadust glazed vase, fang hu. Seal mark and period of Qianlong. photo Sotheby's of archaistic fang hu form, the hexagonal body supported on a pronounced foot, gently curving at the shoulders to a flared neck, flanked by a pair of tubular loop handles, covered all over in rich mottled dark olive-green glaze, the base with a moulded six-character reign mark, hardwood stand - 45.4 cm., 17 7/8 in. Est. 2,000,000—3,000,000 HKD. Lot Sold 4,580,000 HKD PROVENANCE: The Toguri Collection, Tokyo.Sotheby's London, 9th June... [Lire la suite]