11 janvier 2023

Ming dynasty cloisonné enamel sold at Sotheby's, Monochrome, London, 2 November 2022

  Lot 284. A cloisonné enamel censer, Gui, Ming dynasty, 15th-16th century; Width 14.5cm, 5¾ in. Lot sold: 9,450 GBP (Estimate: 6,000 - 8,000 GBP). © 2022 Sotheby's. Lot 286. A cloisonné enamel censer, Gui, Ming dynasty, 15th-16th century; Width 13.7 cm, 5⅜ in. Lot sold: 61,740 GBP (Estimate: 8,000 - 12,000 GBP). © 2022 Sotheby's. the base with an apocryphal four-character Jingtai mark within a square. ... [Lire la suite]

28 décembre 2022

Bronzes from the Grasset collection sold at Sotheby's, Monochrome, London, 2 November 2022

  Lot 205. A gold and silver-inlaid archaistic bronze censer, Qing dynasty, 18th century. Width 31.5 cm, 12⅜ in. Lot sold: £13,860 (Estimate: £10,000 - 15,000). © 2022 Sotheby's. cast beneath the handle with a three-character inscription reading Wo Fu Ji. Property from the Grasset collection. Provenance: Christie's London, 8th December 1986, lot 385. Note: The rise of Neoconfucianism in the Song dynasty (960-1279) led to a revival of interest in archaic bronze vessels,... [Lire la suite]
03 décembre 2022

Archaic Bronze sold at Bonhams Hong Kong, 30 November 2022

Lot 13. A bronze food vessel, gui, Western Zhou Dynasty (1050-771 BC); 14.3cm (5 3/4in) high; 24.5cm (9 1/2in) wide. (2). Sold for HKD 255,000 (Estimate HKD 200,000 - HKD 300,000). © Bonhams 2001-2022 The rounded body raised on a hollow pedestal foot terminating in a straight footrim, cast below the gently everted rim with a border filled with fire and four-petal leaves patterns bisected by animal-masks in high relief on two sides, interrupted on the other sides by two loop... [Lire la suite]
19 novembre 2022

A blanc-de-chine incense burner, gui, 17th century

Lot 88. A blanc-de-chine incense burner, gui, 17th century; 13.5cm (5 3/8in) wide. Sold for €7,650 (Estimate € 1,500-2,000). Photo Fabrice Gousset. The vessel raised on a short cylindrical foot with everted rim, the bombe form body flanked by a pair of stylised dragon handles beneath the gently flaring neck. Provenance: Robert Rousset, Paris (1901-1981)Jean-Pierre Rousset, Paris (1936-2021). Note: Compare with a similar blanc-de-Chine incense burner, Qing dynasty, in the Palace Museum, Beijing,... [Lire la suite]
21 juin 2022

Zhou dynasty Bronzes sold at Sotheby's Paris, 16 June 2022

Lot 80. An archaic bronze wine vessel, lei, Eastern Zhou dynasty, Spring and Autumn period (770-475 BC). H. 25 cm, 9 7/8 in. ; L. 29 cm, 11 3/8 in. Lot sold: 40,320 EUR (Estimate: 25,000 - 35,000 EUR). © Sotheby's 2022 Property from a European private collection. Provenance: Galerie 41, Monaco, 2nd May 2006.  Note: The intricate pattern sensitively cast on this piece is extraordinary, showcasing the virtuosity of the casters from the Eastern Zhou dynasty (770-256... [Lire la suite]
01 avril 2022

A very finely cast bronze ritual food vessel and cover, gui, Late Shang dynasty, 11th century BC

Lot 717. A very finely cast bronze ritual food vessel and cover, gui, Late Shang dynasty, 11th century BC; 11 1⁄8 in. (28.1 cm.) wide across handles, cloth box. Price realised USD 226,800 (Estimate USD 200,000 – USD 300,000). © Christie's 2022 The vessel is raised on a tall foot encircled by a band comprised of kui dragons centered on narrow flanges. The body is decorated with a diamond-and-boss pattern below a band with panels of diamond frets centered on two sides by a small... [Lire la suite]

15 mars 2022

An archaic bronze ritual food vessel (Gui), Early Western Zhou dynasty

Lot 104. An archaic bronze ritual food vessel (Gui), Early Western Zhou dynasty. Width across handles 9¼ in., 23.8 cm. Estimate: 15,000 - 20,000 USD. Lot sold: 44,100 USD. © Sothebys. Provenance: Collection of Dr Wou Kiuan (1910-1997). Wou Lien-Pai Museum, 1968-present, coll. no. E.6.5.  Literature: Rose Kerr et al., Chinese Antiquities from the Wou Kiuan Collection. Wou Lien-Pai Museum, Hong Kong, 2011, pl. 8. Note: The cast vertical bands of decoration seen on... [Lire la suite]
28 janvier 2022

Zhou dynasty bronzes sold at Sotheby's New York 17 september 2013

Lot 15. A bronze ritual food vessel (gui), Early Western Zhou dynasty, 11th-10th century BC. Length 11 5/8  in., 29.5 cm. Lot Sold: 125,000 USD. (Estimate: 30,000 – 50,000 USD). © Sotheby's boldly cast with a swelling body below an everted rim with a band of eight archaistic kui dragons between bow-string borders and divided into four pairs by a small animal mask on each side, the vessel flanked by a pair of loop handles each issuing from a bovine mask and... [Lire la suite]
13 janvier 2022

A large archaic bronze ritual food vessel and cover, gui, Western Zhou dynasty (1050-771 BC)

Lot 815. A large archaic bronze ritual food vessel and cover, gui, Western Zhou dynasty (1050-771 BC); w. 38cm. Lot sold: 693,000 HKD (Estimate: 500,000-700,000 HKD). © Sotheby's. Provenance: Hartman Rare Art, New York. Note: Elevated on three legs and decorated with horizontal grooves, this vessel represents one of the archetypal examples of gui produced during the late Western Zhou period (c. 1046-771 BC). Among the gui with comparable motifs, however, the... [Lire la suite]
14 septembre 2021

An archaic bronze ritual food vessel (Gui), Late Shang dynasty

Lot 38. An archaic bronze ritual food vessel (Gui), Late Shang dynasty. Diameter 10 in., 25.5 cm. Estimate: 20,000 - 30,000 USD. Lot sold: 25,200 USD. © Sotheby's 2021 supported on a tall splayed foot, the wide U-shaped body rising to an everted rim, the central body boldly cast with a wide band of studded bosses arranged in lozenge panels composed of elongated leiwen, surmounted by a narrow band of kuilong with bulging eyes against... [Lire la suite]