18 septembre 2023

Archaic bronze from Shang dynasty to be sold at Sotheby's New York, 19 September 2023

  Lot 232. An archaic bronze ritual food vessel (ding), Shang dynasty, Erligang culture. Height 24.4 cm. Estimate 50,000 - 70,000 USD. Unsold. © Sotheby's 2023 Provenance: Japanese Private Collection, acquired in the 1980s and 1990s.Ikeda Kobijutsu, Tokyo. Note: This type of ding with pointed legs is characteristic of ritual bronzes from the pre-Anyang period of the Shang dynasty, but the band of decoration on the current vessel is broader and particularly crisp. Compare... [Lire la suite]

21 juin 2022

Shang dynasty bronzes sold at Sotheby's Paris, 16 June 2022

  Lot 82. An archaic bronze beaker, gu, Early Shang dynasty; H. 32 cm, 12 5/8 in. Lot sold: 10,080 EUR (Estimate: 8,000 - 12,000 EUR). © Sotheby's the tripod goblet with a characteristic trumpet-shaped upper and rounded lower section with a flat base, decorated with taotie borders and broad scrolling ribbons standing out against plain recessed areas, organized as elongated scroll bands centred on a single eye, confronting each other to form a double-eyed mask... [Lire la suite]
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28 janvier 2022

Shang dynasty bronzes sold at Sotheby's New York 17 september 2013

Lot 12. A bronze tripod ritual wine vessel (jue), Late Shang dynasty, 12th-11th century BC. Height 8 in., 20.3 cm. Lot Sold: 20,000 USD. (Estimate: 15,000 – 20,000 USD). © Sotheby's stoutly cast, the body of deep U-form shape raised on three tapering blade supports, the sides with two taotie masks formed of detached scrolled reserves enclosing leiwen and two rectangular protuberant eyes; one centered by a narrow notched flange, the other by the bovine mask loop handle, surmounted by a band of upright... [Lire la suite]
26 janvier 2022

A rare archaic bronze ritual tripod vessel, jia, Shang dynasty

Lot 19. A rare archaic bronze ritual tripod vessel, jia, Shang dynasty (c. 1500-1050 BC); 25.3 cm., 9 7/8 in. Sold 54,000 GBP (Estimate 6,000 - 8,000 GBP). © Sotheby's.  the compressed globular body supported on three tall slender blade feet, cast around the exterior with three separate taotie divided and separated by vertical notched flanges and each formed from detached zoomorphic elements on a tight leiwen ground flanked by 'bird' elements, the waisted neck with... [Lire la suite]
13 janvier 2022

An archaic bronze ritual wine vessel, jia, Middle Shang dynasty

Lot 810. An archaic bronze ritual wine vessel, jia, Middle Shang dynasty (c. 1500-1050 BC); h. 28.3 cm. Lot sold: 441,000 HKD (Estimate: 300,000-400,000 HKD). © Sotheby's. Provenance: Acquired in Japan late 1990s, by repute. Note: A closely related archaic bronze jia of similar size, illustrated in Richard A. Pegg and Zhang Lidong, The MacLean Collection: Chinese Ritual Bronzes, Chicago, 2010, pl. 10, was sold in our New York rooms, 21st September 2021, lot 4. ... [Lire la suite]
07 septembre 2021

Important Archaic Bronzes from the MacLean Collection at Sotheby's New York, 21 September 2021

To compile a collection of Chinese archaic bronzes as comprehensive and varied as that of Barry MacLean is a remarkable feat. It is weapons and tools made of bronze that define the Bronze Age – as against the Stone or the Iron Age – but the repertoire of ancient China’s bronze casters was vast. To showcase their ingenuity and inventiveness is clearly what Barry MacLean had in mind, when he assembled this group. The classic ritual vessels and bells that were used in the ancestral ceremonies of the Shang (c.1600-1046 BC) and Zhou... [Lire la suite]

08 octobre 2020

A bronze ritual tripod wine vessel, jia, Mid-Shang dynasty, 13th century BC

Lot 1502. A bronze ritual tripod wine vessel, jia, Mid-Shang dynasty, 13th century BC; 12 in. (30.5 cm.) high. Estimate USD 70,000 - USD 90,000. Price realised USD 137,500. © Christie's Image Ltd 2020. Raised on three thick, blade-shaped legs, the vessel is flat-cast on the body and the base of the neck with bands of taotie masks formed by birds with quills, rounded eyes, hooked beaks and scroll-filled bodies centered on narrow flanges, the decoration enhanced by a black matrix in... [Lire la suite]
13 mai 2020

An archaic bronze ‘duck’ beaker, jia, Eastern Zhou dynasty

Lot 466. An archaic bronze ‘duck’ beaker, jia, Eastern Zhou dynasty; 15cm high. Estimate HK$60,000 - 80,000. Sold for HK$ 587,500 (€ 70,029). Courtesy Bonhams Cast in the form of an duck, the bird standing on two webbed feet and a cylindrical stand, the elongated neck curving upwards with a prominent beak, all ending in a fan-shaped tail. Note: See an almost identical excavated example dating to the Spring and Autumn period, unearthed in Jiangsu province in 1982, in the Zheiang Museum, Jiangsu province,... [Lire la suite]
13 mai 2020

An archaic bronze wine vessel and cover, jia, Mid Shang dynasty

Lot 453. An archaic bronze wine vessel and cover, jia, Mid Shang dynasty; 24.3cm high. Estimate HK$120,000 - 180,000. Sold for HK$ 687,500 (€ 81,949). Courtesy Bonhams The bulbous vessel standing on three splayed legs, the waisted neck cast with a band of keyfret scrolls within circular motifs, one side with a 'C'-shape-flattened handle in the form of a mythical beast issuing water from its mouth, ending with a thick rim at the top further surmounted by a pair of finials cast with sunken whorl motifs, the cover cast... [Lire la suite]
06 mars 2020

A large bronze tripod ritual wine vessel, jia, Late Shang-Early Western Zhou dynasty, 11th-10th century BC

Lot 2069. A large bronze tripod ritual wine vessel, jia, Late Shang-Early Western Zhou dynasty, 11th-10th century BC; 11 1/8 in. (28.2 cm.) high. Estimate HKD 450,000 - HKD 550,000. Price realised HKD 860,000. © Christie's Images Ltd 2010 The heavily cast body with three equal lobes rising from tall columnar legs and bordered with double bow-string bands to form a chevron pattern, with further double bow-string bands around the base of the trumpet neck interrupted by a bovine... [Lire la suite]