17 septembre 2016

Impressive Diamond Bracelet

Lot 1783. Impressive 46.79 carats, D Colour Diamond Bracelet. Estimate 41,000,000 — 50,000,000 HKD. Photo: Sotheby's. Set with marquise- and pear-shaped diamonds weighing 46.79 carats in total, mounted in platinum, length approximately 150mm. Accompanied by thirteen GIA reports, stating that the diamonds weighing from 5.02 to 2.01 carats are all D Colour, Internally Flawless; also accompanied by two GIA reports, stating that two diamonds each weighing 3.01 carats are D Colour,... [Lire la suite]
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31 mai 2015

An important diamond necklace, by Cartier

Lot 2054. An important diamond necklace, by Cartier. Estimate HK$5,000,000 – HK$8,000,000($600,000-800,000). Price realised HKD 5,800,000. © Christie's Image Ltd 2015 Designed as a line of marquise and brilliant-cut diamonds, the front suspending a series of graduated vari-cut diamond foliate fringes, mounted in platinum, 38.4 cm long. Signed Cartier, No. HSS21  Christie's. HONG KONG MAGNIFICENT JEWELS, 2 June 2015, Hong Kong
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29 avril 2014

A pair of emerald and diamond ear pendants

A pair of emerald and diamond ear pendants. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2014. Each marquise and pear-shaped diamond cluster top, weighing a total of approximately 14.38 carats, suspending a detachable cushion-shaped emerald pendant, weighing approximately 12.24 and 10.41 carats, mounted in platinum, 4.2 cm. The tops signed HW for Harry Winston. Estimate CHF540,000 – CHF720,000 ($614,218 - $818,957) Accompanied by report no. CS48875A and B dated 27 February 2014 from the AGL American Gemological Laboratories stating that both... [Lire la suite]
22 octobre 2013

A pair of diamond ear clips, by Harry Winston, with natural pearl pendants

Lot 185.  A pair of natural pearl and diamond ear pendants. Estimate CHF 660,000 - CHF 850,000. Price realised CHF 1,325,000. © Christie's Image Ltd 2013 Each top designed as a cluster of marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, weighing approximately 26.87 carats total, suspending a detachable drop-shaped natural pearl, weighing approximately 124 and 108 grains, with marquise-shaped diamond cap and surmount, 6.6 cm. Tops with maker’s mark for Harry Winston.  Accompanied by report no. 68746... [Lire la suite]
28 avril 2013

Important light pink diamond and diamond necklace

Lot 586. Important 6.93 carat light pink diamond, 34.78 carats circular-cut diamond, 11.38 carats briolette diamond and diamond necklace. Estimate: 1,410,000 – 2,350,000 CHF. Lot sold 2,285,000 CHF. Photo Sotheby's 2013 Suspending a detachable pendant set with two marquise diamonds, a brilliant-cut light pink diamond weighing 6.93 carats, two circular-cut diamonds, one weighing 34.78 carats, and a briolette diamond weighing 11.38 carats, from a graduated circular-cut diamond rivière... [Lire la suite]
15 février 2013

Diamond Necklace from the Collection of an Italian Princely Family- Sotheby's

Diamond Necklace from the Collection of an Italian Princely Family- Photo Sotheby's Designed at the front as seven graduated cushion-shaped diamonds suspended from fringes of marquise- and pear-shaped stones, the front set at alternates with oval and pear-shaped diamonds, the back embellished with lines of pear- and marquise-shaped stones, French assay marks. length approximately 390mm, 75. Lot Sold: 966,400 CHF Sotheby's Noble Jewels Geneva | 17 May 2007 - www.sothebys.com

03 février 2013

Marquise Golconda Diamond Ring, 8.03 carats

Marquise Golconda Diamond Ring, 8.03 carats. Photo M.S. Rau Antiques Known as the "Ultimate Diamond," this ring boasts an extremely rare and highly important Internally Flawless Golconda diamond weighing an amazing 8.03 carats. This glorious marquise-cut diamond is certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be type IIa, meaning it is pure and lacking any trace of nitrogen, the element that gives diamonds color. It is, by all standards, one of the very finest diamonds in the world. This diamond is splendidly... [Lire la suite]
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04 octobre 2012

A Pair of Diamond Ear Pendants

A Pair of Diamond Ear Pendants. Photo Christie's image Ltd 2012 Each suspending a pear-shaped diamond, weighing approximately 6.94 and 6.79 carats, to the circular and baguette-cut diamond line, the surmount designed as a marquise and baguette-cut diamond scrolling plaque, mounted in platinum. Estimate $600,000 - $800,000  With report 2145622277 dated 13 April 2012 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the diamond, weighing approximately 6.94 carats, is D color, VVS1 clarityWith report 2145622261... [Lire la suite]
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02 avril 2012

Very fine pair of jadeite and diamond pendent earrings.

Very fine pair of jadeite and diamond pendent earrings. Photo Sotheby's Each suspending on a highly translucent intense emerald green jadeite cabochon, surmounted and suspending on marquise, pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds, the diamonds altogether weighing approximately 4.80 carats, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Cabochons approximately 20.02 x 16.91 x 6.63mm and 19.98 x 16.95 x 6.48mm respectively. Estimate 10,000,000-13,000,000 HKD NOTE: Accompanied by Hong Kong Jade & Stone... [Lire la suite]
18 janvier 2011

Yellow and White Pinwheel Earrings

Yellow and White Pinwheel Earrings, USA. Courtesy Deborah Mellen Jewels These Pinwheel shaped earrings are created from 8 Fancy Yellow Oval Diamonds and 8 White Marquise Diamonds with 2 Center Brilliant Diamonds which equal a total carat weight of 11.76. Price $45,000 Deborah Mellen Jewels, 589 5th Ave, New York City, NY, 10017. Phone: 212.371.1836 - E-Mail: deborah@mellenco.com