29 décembre 2018

Grusenmeyer-Woliner at BRAFA 2019, Stand 97d

Torso of Buddha, Gupta period, 5th-6th century, Northern India, Uttar Pradesh, possibly the Sarnath region. Sandstone. H 75 cm. © Grusenmeyer-Woliner at BRAFA 2019, Stand 97d.  Provenance: Zen Oriental Art Gallery, Brussels; private collection, March 2000.  Mummy mask, Egypt, Ptolemaic period, 305-30 BC. Polychrome and gilt cartonnage. H 44 cm. © Grusenmeyer-Woliner at BRAFA 2019, Stand 97d.   Provenance: private collection, January 1998. Literature: S.... [Lire la suite]

26 janvier 2018

Galerie Eberwein at BRAFA, 27 Jan - 4 Fev 2018, Stand 24c

Ram's head amulet, Egypt, Nubia, 25th Dynasty, 722-655 BC. Gold and emerald. H 3.2 cm. © Galerie Eberwein A royal amulet representing a ram's head wearing a sun disk with Uraeus, probably made for a necklace worn by one of the Kushite kings. Representations show these pharaohs wearing a ram's-head amulet tied around the neck on a thick cord, the ends falling forward over the shoulders Provenance: private collection, Germany, acquired circa 1958 Literature: E.R. Russmann, The Representation of the King in... [Lire la suite]
01 juillet 2017

'China and Egypt. Cradles of the World' at Museumsinsel Berlin, Neues Museum

China and Egypt. Weighing the world, exhibition artwork, consisting of: Wine vessel in the form of an owl, © Shanghai Museum, China, statuette of the wacky god Anubis, © SMB, Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection / Sandra Steiß, Dui Food Vessel, © Shanghai Museum, China, Figure of the servant, © Shanghai Museum, China, heart scarab, © SMB, Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection / Sandra Steiss BERLIN - For the first time the exhibition at the Neues Museum (New Museum) on the Museumsinsel Berlin (Museum Island Berlin)... [Lire la suite]
22 janvier 2017

Galerie Chenel. Stand 80c. Brafa Art Fair, 21-29 janvier 2017

Colossal profile of a god. Marble, Roman, 1st century BC - 1st century AD. H 35 cm. Courtesy Galerie Chenel. Provenance: former French private collection of Nicolas Feuillate (1926-2014).  Mummy mask. Polychrome and gilt cartonnage. Egyptian, Ptolemaic period, circa 332-30 BC. H 46 x W 26 cm. Courtesy Galerie Chenel. Provenance: Galerie des Saints-Pères, Paris; Belgian private collection, acquired from the above in April 26th, 1980.  Torso of... [Lire la suite]
09 juillet 2016

Spectacular 'Lady Jane Franklin' Egyptian mummy mask sold at Bonhams

Lot 230. A large Egyptian wood mummy mask, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, circa 1550-1295 B.C. Sold for £116,500 (€136,668). Photo: Bonhams. LONDON.- A stunning Egyptian wood mummy mask dated 1550-1295 B.C which was once in the collection of the renowned Victorian traveller, Jane, Lady Franklin sold for £116,500 at Bonhams Antiquities Sale in London on 7 July. It had been estimated at £100,000-150,000. In total, the sale made £1,101,825. Lady Franklin (1791-1875) is best known for her exploration of... [Lire la suite]
10 octobre 2008

An egyptian polychrome painted wood mummy mask . New Kingdom, Dynasty Six, circa 1292-1185 b.c

An egyptian polychrome painted wood mummy mask . New Kingdom, Dynasty XIX, circa 1292-1185 b.c. Christie's Images Ltd. 2008 With accentuated green eyeline and brows, the fleshy lips with slight smile, nostrils hollowed out, wearing a patterned headdress with three central lotus petals and row of buds above the striped section of the wig, separately made false beard painted with a plaited design ending in an upward curved tip, mounted - 15 in. (38 cm.) high incl. beard - Estimate: £70,000 - £90,000 ($120,750 - $155,250) ... [Lire la suite]