22 janvier 2020

PORFIRIUS KUNSTKAMMER, Stand 45a at BRAFA, 26 janvier-2 février 2020

The Kunstkammer as a work of art. © Porfirius Kunstkammer The four domains of the Renaissance Kunstkammer-Preciosia, Naturalia, Scientifica and Exotica-merge in this eclectic artwork to create an image of the known world. The focus is on rare and surprising objects that each tells us a story. Attributed to the Schloss Rosenborg Court Turner, Turned beaker with hundred beakers inside, Copenhagen, prior to 1673. Limewood. H 29 cm. © Porfirius Kunstkammer. Baroque rose engine-turned box, Germany, late 17th century. Ivory, Ø 10... [Lire la suite]