24 mai 2019

Four Masterpieces of Jun Ware at Christie's Hong Kong, 29 May 2019

AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE GROUP OF NUMBERED JUN BULB BOWLS Rosemary Scott, Senior International Academic Consultant Asian Art Unprecedentedly, the current sale includes an exceedingly rare and important group of four numbered Jun ware bulb bowls; each bearing a different numeral: yi one; san three; si four; and wu five. The numbers on this type of Jun ware vessel relate to their size, with ‘one’ being the largest and ‘ten’ being the smallest. Texts of the Qing period such as the Nanyao biji suggest that the numbers relate to pairs,... [Lire la suite]

08 août 2017

A Longquan celadon tripod bulb bowl, Ming dynasty, 14th-15th century

Lot 1563. A Longquan celadon tripod bulb bowl, Ming dynasty, 14th-15th century, 12 ½ in. (31.7 cm.) diam. Estimate USD 5,000 - USD 7,000. Price realised USD 6,250 © Christie's Images Ltd 2016 The compressed body is raised on three curved mask supports and carved around the sides with the Eight Trigrams (bagua) between bands of bosses. The whole is covered in a glaze of rich sea-green color, revealing the burnt-red body in the center decorated with a molded flower medallion, wood stand.  ... [Lire la suite]
12 mars 2012

A 'Longquan ' celadon tripod bulb bowl. Ming Dynasty, 15th century

A 'Longquan ' celadon tripod bulb bowl. Ming Dynasty, 15th century. Photo Sotheby"s heavily potted and raised on three mask-and-paw feet, the shallow rounded sides carved with the 'Eight Trigrams', between bands of applied florets encircling the incurved rim and base, covered with a sea-green glaze falling short of the barbed-rim diaper medallion impressed on the interior and the raised beveled disc on the base, both burnt orange in the firing. Diameter 12 in., 30.5... [Lire la suite]