28 septembre 2010

Silver beakers from Kassa (Kaschau), dated 1687; Augsburg, 1700; Nuremberg, c. 1690; Berlin & Neisse, 1712

A very important Hungarian partgilded silver beaker with coins and the coat of arms of Semsei Semsey András, Kassa (Kaschau), dated 1687. © 2010 Nagel - Auctions Maker's mark: Gregorius Békessy II. Weight c. 1030g.84 coins from the 17th ct. H. 15,3 cm - Estimate (EUR) 38000 Note: At the bottom the coat of arms with the Royal Hungarian crown.The beaker was probably a present to András Semsey from the Hungarian Governor Pál Esterhazy (Elected Palatine in 1681 and created Prince of the Holy Roman Empire in 1687)... [Lire la suite]