A fine teotihuacan greenstone mask, Classic, ca. A.D. 450-650

the idealized face distinguished by wide deeply recessed eyes, and strong cheekbones and nose, the lips gently parted; pierced at the sides of the head and center of the forehead; in deep greenish black stone with red striations.  height 5 3/8 in. 13.7cm. Est. 100,000—150,000 USD. Lot Sold 92,500 USD

PROVENANCE: Merrin Gallery, 1975

NOTE: With evocative, elongated eyes, this fine mask is characteristic of the slightly smaller stone heads without ear flanges, that served as the central element of the elaborately clothed effigies used in civic and ceremonial events in the metropolis of Teotihuacan. The idealized faces provided contrast to the perishable costume accoutrements, and they emphasized the human spirit of these revered and iconic Teotihuacan objects.

For a highly similar style, see Sotheby's, November 17, 2006, lot 414.

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