Grand plat d'apparat illustré d'une chasse à l'antilope, vers 1730. Large ceremonial dish figuring an antelope hunt. Circa 1730. Photo Art et Patrimoine

The scene evokes an engraving by Antonio Tempesta, who had in turn drawn inspiration from a work by Stradanus. This kind of subject was very popular with the nobility of the time who loved the images associated with exotic hunts. It exemplifies the way French potters adopted the Italian tradition of decorating pottery with paintings; Earthenware from Moustiers; W. 63.7 cm

Provenance: Ancienne collection Calvet

Expositions: Exposé en 1989 au château de Mouans lors de l'exposition :"Les plus belles faïences du Royaume 1668 - 1790, les Moustiers des collections privées". N° 6 du catalogue de l'exposition


Bust of the 10th Count of Aranda, statesman and ambassador of King Charles III of Spain to the French court from 1773 to 1784. Alcora porcelain, circa 1790. Photo Art et Patrimoine

H. 45 cm. This piece was made by the sculptor-modeller Julian Lopez, who was active between 1746-1792 at the Alcora ceramic factory which was founded in 1727 by the Count’s father. He had recognized the growing taste for French style in the decorative arts and hired artisans from the renowned Moustiers factories in southern France. Alcora specialized in tin-glazed earthenware (faience) and produced tableware, plaques, medallions, figures, and portrait busts, exporting his creations throughout Europe. The delicate moulding of the face and the realistic features of the bust reveal the artist’s talent

Literature: 'Loza y porcelana de Alcora en el museo de ceramica de Barcelona', Fundacion Roviralta, 1998, collectif


Virgin and Child on moon crescent. Terracotta. School of Antwerp, 18th century. Photo Art et Patrimoine

Maria is upright with Jesus on her left arm. Under her feet in the clouds and among angels a snake around a terrestrial globe with in it’s mouth the apple, symbolizing the original sin. H. 114 cm

Art et Patrimoine. Stand N°: 49. BRAFA'12 . Du 21 au 29 janvier 2012, à Tour & Taxis

Art21112011T142321La galerie ‘Art et Patrimoine’, fondée en 1998, est spécialisée en porcelaine de Chine, céramiques européennes et objets d’art du Moyen-Age au XVIIIe siècle. Laurence Lenne a, à son actif, la publication de catalogues de céramiques anciennes de collection ainsi que des articles dédiés à la détection des faux en peinture sur céramique du XVIIIe siècle. Elle est membre de l’Association des Spécialistes en Céramique de Collection à Paris.

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