Glazed porcelain.China, Qianlong Period (1736-1795). Underside with underglaze blue six-character seal mark ‘Daqing Qianlong nianzhi’. Photo courtesy Auctionata

Even, deep blue glaze. Height: 30 cm. Excellent condition. Estimation : 20 000 / 25 000 € 

Provenance: from a Hungarian private collection

Note: A nearly identical vase was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong, on November 30 in 2011 for approx. 56,000 Euros - see screenshot at the picture section

This deep blue glazed porcelain vase was crafted in China in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795).
The vase features an archaicCong-form.
The rectangular body rises from a round accentuated foot rim. It shows an even deep blue glaze and two sculptural handles in the shape of elephant heads, which are pierced below the trunk.
The accentuated shoulder merges into a short neck with a tapered lip, the inner rim is also blue-glazed. Vases of this kind were very popular during the Qianlong period for they were considered to be a signifier of good luck.
The underside is marked with the underglaze blue Qianlong six-character seal mark (1736-1795) ‘Daqing Qianlong nianzhi’.
The vase is in excellent condition with hardly any signs of age and use.

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