Albrecht Dürer, The Lovers and death (The walk), 1498, copper engraving, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Graphic Collection.

The Staatsgalerie shows with around 50 selected exhibits by Albrecht Dürer and Lucas van Leyden highlights of early prints. On the history of the topics are also comparative examples to see some of Martin Schongauer. 

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) and Lucas van Leyden (1489-1533 to) deployed by their Printmaking particularly lasting effects. 1521 met the two artists together in Antwerp, which should be reflected in the artistic work. 

For a direct comparison, Lucas van Leyden proves not only as an imitator, but he takes Dürer's themes in order to put them into independent and often unconventional presentation. 

The rich holdings of the Prints and Drawings Department makes it an original selection of their engravings, woodcuts and etchings together to present. There are not known and often exhibited consequences in the center, such as Passions, Marie life, Apocalypse. 

Rather, the focus is on the then new topics that are running simultaneously with Dürer's early work around 1495: Love couples and people from everyday life. So these scenes reflect the current interest in the contemporary reality and of social morality contradict. 

Representations of farmers as druckgraphische templates turn are highly important for the development of the genre of art, especially in the Netherlands. 

Other current topics make images of saints in the countryside as well as exciting Bible stories in contemporary garb, the experience in 1500 always new elaborations. Finally Dürer achieve affordable woodcut leaflets a wider audience and thus force a medial paradigm shift. 


Albrecht Dürer, The chef and his wife, 1498, copper engraving, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Graphic Collection.


Lucas van Leyden, The dentist, in 1523, copper engraving, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Graphic Collection.


Lucas Hugensz. van Leyden, The Milkmaid, 1510, copper engraving on laid paper (ecru), 11,4 x 15,6 cm, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Graphic Collection.