Lidded goblet, c. 1600, amber, gold,  34.0cm × d 11.7cm. BK-17192. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Cup with lid amber with enamelled gold frame. Inverted conical cup with hemispherical, lobed base. The stem consists of a straight, melon-shaped node between two profiles. The underside of the cup is surrounded by arched oval amber, with medallions behind a translucent masses. Moreover runs cup, surrounded by two narrow sections, gradually widening out. On the domed lid are gold ovals. An increase in the center is an enameled gold warrior holding a bird on the left. In the cover an alliance weapon: a white cross on a red ground and a dark star between two red mane. On the arch of the foot , between enameled bands, a series of gold, cambered oval with ornaments in recessed translucent enamel. Under the foot sunken portrait medallion.

The exterior of this cup has been polished to a smooth finish. The interior is decorated with carved medallions that become visible only when the lid is removed and light shines through the wall.