Lot 190. Osias Beert (c. 1580 - 1623/24), attributed, Fine still life with oysters, pastries, lemon and wine glass. Oil on panel. Parquetted, 32.5 x 47.5 cm. Estimate 45.000-55.000 €. Courtesy Hampel

NoteA tabletop arranged on an image parallel, which extends beyond the edge of the picture, is composed of a fine still life with a sugar plant in a bag, as well as almonds, biscuits and dried fruits on a pewter plate. Next to it a glass of white wine and a pewter plate with opened oysters. The foremost image center is dominated by two bright slices of bread loosely placed on the table top. In the right background is a sliced ​​lemon on the table top. The wine glass and the watery oysters are especially elaborate. These point to the Malum field of Osias Beert one of the masters of Dutch still life painting. (11412125) (12).

Catalogue II - Tableaux de Maîtres Anciens chez Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Munich, Allemagne, le 12 Avril 2018 à 14h00