Beaker, greenish glass, with pinched decoration, Egypt, 9th-10th century, H: 8.4; Diam: 8.1 cm, Inv. no. 24/2008. © The David Collection, Copenhagen.

A simple early decoration technique that was found in both Egypt and Iran was the use of tongs on the hot glass mass.

This technique was only suitable for pieces with large openings, since the arms of the tongs with the pattern had to be able to press the inside and outside of the glass together. Then it might be necessary to heat and correct the shape of the glass from the inside if it had become crooked during the process.

This beaker was apparently made in Egypt. Glass fragments from beakers of this type have been excavated in Fustat, and its animal heads harmonize with the fondness for hares and deer that was a central element in the Egyptian art of the Fatimid period.