Lot 98. A celadon bowl, Goryeo Dynasty (12th century); 8 in. (20.3 cm.) diameter. Estimate USD 20,000 - USD 30,000. Price realised USD 22,500© Christie's Images Ltd 2016

The deep bowl with lobed rim, molded with a central roundel of a fish, encircled by a scenery of lotus pond including ducks and Chinese children (karako), covered with a glaze of soft sea-green tone.

Provenance: Private collection, Japan. 

Note: This beautiful bowl represents the peak of celadon wares from Goryeo Dynasty. Both the elegance of its potting and the artistry of its decoration mark it as one of the finest examples of celadon ware. The sharp molding technique and the color of the glaze on this work may indicate the close relationship with Yaozhou kiln in Northern Song Dynasty of China. 

For a similar work in the collection of National Museum of Korea, see Hasebe Gakuji, Korai no seiji, vol. 29 of Toji taikei (Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1970), pls. 52 and 53.




Celadon Flower-shaped Bowl with Lotus and Child Design in Relief, Goryeo Dynasty, Gaeseong area. H. 5.6cm, (mouth) D. 18.1cm, (bottom) D. 5.3cm. Accession Number Deoksu 5744© National Museum of Korea

Christie'sAn Inquiring Mind: American Collecting of Japanese and Korean Art, New York, 15 April 2016