23 mai 2019

Christie's announces final details of Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence

  NEW YORK, NY.- Following the success of the global tour of highlights, Christie’s announces final details of the most anticipated jewelry and objects sale of the season, Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence. This landmark auction is poised to be the most valuable and precious collection of jewelry and Mughal objects to ever come to auction. New confirmed details include availability of illustrated digital catalogues, exhibition dates, and sale details. The specially designed exhibition will be open to the public... [Lire la suite]

21 juillet 2015

Mellerio, Collier en or jaune de genre torque, Vers 1946

Collier  en or jaune 18k (750), de genre torque, formé d'un demi-jonc uni en chute orné en serti étoilé de diamants taillés en brillant, agrafé de deux spirales, le tour de cou tubogaz Vers 1946. Estimation: 12 000 - 15 000 €.  Photo: Artcurial. Tour de cou : 39 cm; poids brut : 116,31 g  Accompagné d'un certificat d'authenticité de la maison Mellerio dits Meller. A diamond and 18k yellow gold necklace, by Mellerio, circa 1946, accompanied by a certificate from Mellerio. ... [Lire la suite]
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10 août 2014

Mellerio dits Meller, “Monta Rosa” collection

Mellerio dits Meller. “Monta Rosa” collection. White gold and diamond necklace. On 22 April 1868, the young Margherita of Savoy married Prince Umberto I, and became the first Queen of Italy. On this, her wedding day, she wore a magnificent diadem of diamonds depicting a wild rose surrounded by laurel leaves, purchased from MELLERIO dits MELLER by her father-in-law, King Victor-Emmanuel II of Italy. This diadem, typical of the naturalist style so beloved by the firm, would always have a special importance for Margherita, for... [Lire la suite]
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09 février 2014

An octagonal-cut Burmese sapphire brooch of 47.15 carats, by Mellerio

An octagonal-cut Burmese sapphire brooch of 47.15 carats, by Mellerio, sold for $3,648,894 at Christie’s Geneva in May 2012, setting a record price per carat for a Burmese sapphire at auction until last year. Photo courtesy of Christie’s. Centering upon an octagonal-cut sapphire, weighing approximately 47.15 carats, in an old-mine cut diamond frame, to the baguette, single and brilliant-cut diamond ribbon detail, 5.3 cm, with French assay marks for platinum and gold. Signed and with maker’s mark for Mellerio, no. 17838 ... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2013

Back on "Tiaras & Diadems", Regal jewelery, PAN Amsterdam, RAI, Parkhal (Hall 8), 20 - November 27, 2011

Diadem with diamonds and sapphires, 1910, Carrington & Co. Collection Fabery Young, Antique Jewelry. Art Nouveau diadem, 1935, Luis Masriera. A. Collection Pottery, Jewelry Antique Hague. Stars Diadem, Helene Lieben, ca 1900. Jewelrer Emil Biedermann,Vienna. Part. Collection "The family Auspitz-Lieben played a prominent role in Viennese society. Helene held regularly jour in her famous salon. Her star diadem is worn around 1900 in many big parties. The stars are removable and can also be worn. As... [Lire la suite]
22 juillet 2013

Mellerio dits Meller celebrates 400 years of jewellery

Mellerio dits Meller by Edéenne, diamond ring that stretches across the top of the hand, adorning three fingers. Mellerio dits Meller by Edéenne, diamond tiara from the Médici Collection. This delicate tiara also transforms into a beautiful necklace Mellerio dits Meller by Edéenne necklace from the Médici Collection, as cleverly transformed from a tiara. Mellerio dits Meller by Edéenne, ring with large emerald to the centre, from the Médici Collection. Mellerio dits Meller pearl and emerald brooch from the Médici... [Lire la suite]
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08 juillet 2013

MELLERIO dits MELLER fête ses 400 ans avec la Collection Médicis

MELLERIO dits MELLER. Collection Médicis créée par Edéenne.Bague "Bourgeon". Photo courtesy Mellerio Pour fêter ses 400 ans d'existence, la Maison Mellerio dits Meller a fait appel à la créatrice d'origine canadienne Edéenne pour une collection de 37 bijoux dédiée à la reine Marie de Médicis dont 4 pièces de haute joaillerie. Je regrette de ne être allé à la présentation Presse... MELLERIO dits MELLER. Collection Médicis. Parure "Luxuriant", collier asymétrique de saphirs et diamants créée par Edéenne. Photo... [Lire la suite]
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03 février 2013

Mellerio Diamond and Platinum Necklace and Tiara

Mellerio Diamond and Platinum Necklace and Tiara, circa 1950. Photo courtesy Macklowe Gallery A French platinum and diamond necklace/tiara by Mellerio. The necklace features 200 round-cut diamonds with an approximate total weight of 44.25 carats, and 200 baguette diamonds with an approximate total weight of 45.75 carats. Approximate total carat weight is 90.00 carats. The triple row necklace is formed of two outer rows of round cut set diamonds and a center row of baguette diamonds which separates forming a separate... [Lire la suite]
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15 décembre 2012

Diamond brooch, Mellerio dits Meller, Late 19th Century

Diamond brooch, Mellerio dits Meller, Late 19th Century - Photo Sotheby's Designed as a floral spray of Cattleya Orchids set en tremblant, set with cushion-shaped, circular-cut and rose diamonds, three flower head jewels detach, can be worn with accompanying sprung hair and brooch fittings, French assay and maker's marks, fitted case Mellerio dits Meller. Estimation: 6,000 - 8,000 GBP. Lot. Vendu 21,250 GBP NOTE DE CATALOGUE: Mellerio dits Meller is the oldest family-run business in... [Lire la suite]
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14 juillet 2012

Mellerio Floral tiara of the Leuchtenberg family

Mellerio Floral tiara of the Leuchtenberg family, descendants of Eugéne de Beauharnais, son of the Empress Joséphine
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