25 décembre 2020

“A New Look at Old Masters,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

NEW YORK (NYT NEWS SERVICE).- “In a dark time, the eye begins to see,” the poet wrote. And after the dark, dark time we’ve been through, this year’s winter solstice, marking the start of slow climb back into light, may carry more metaphorical weight than usual.Coincidentally, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has some restorative illumination of its own underway. In recent decades, the skylights that brought natural light into the European paintings galleries had grown timeworn and semifunctional, leaving some spaces... [Lire la suite]

17 décembre 2019

CODART Canon announces the 100 most important Dutch and Flemish works of art

Elias Scerpswert (? – ?), Bust of St Frederick, 1362, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. THE HAGUE.- CODART, an international network of some 700 museum curators of Dutch and Flemish art, announced the CODART Canon. The CODART Canon consists of 100 Dutch and Flemish works of art dating from before 1750 that are of particular importance to the history of art. The list can now be found on canon.codart.nl.Results of the ballotsOn the basis of two ballots (one held among museum curators followed by a second one among the general... [Lire la suite]
05 août 2013

Petrus Christus (c. 1410-75/76),Altar Panel with a Portrait of a Donor in Scarlet and St Anthony, c. 1450

Petrus Christus (c. 1410-75/76), Altar Panel with a Portrait of a Donor in Scarlet and St Anthony, c. 1450. National Gallery of Denmark Present-day spectators are likely to find themselves immediately captivated by the tactility of the kneeling donor’s scarlet cloak, the colour being accentuated by the complementarity of the mossy grass and tiny plants painted with a very fine brush. Presence and immediacyWe are immediately drawn into the painting’s world through the folds of the cloak which reach all the way down to... [Lire la suite]
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