HONGZHI (1488-1505) or ZHENGDE (1506 - 1521). A Rare Ming Porcel

The Form of this Ewer is Based on a Near Eastern Metal Shape. It Sits on Four Short Feet and has Two Intergal Covers, the Central Stem has a Garlic Shape Top. The Right Hand Side Has a Spout. This Vessel Would Have Been Used as Rose Water Sprinkler or as a Wine Vessel. It is Decorated with 'Precious Objects' Including 'Cash' and 'Ruyi Heads' Tide with Ribbons.
For a Similar Ming Porcelain Vessel Which has Pointed Ends and has the Central Section Cut Down See : Chinese and Vietnamese Blue and White Wares Found In The Philippines (Gotuaco, Tan and Diem, Bookmark, 1997) Page 148 Item M36.
For a Further Ming Vessel of this Form with Metal Repairs, Dated to the 15th Century See : Chinese Blue and White Ceramics (S.T. Yeo & Jean Martin, South East Asian Ceramic Society, 1978) Page 110 Item 28.
Probably from a Shipwreck. Similar Quality Porcelain was Recovered from 'The Lena Cargo', the Pieces Recovered Included Islamic Form Boxes and Covers.

The crescent was the symbol of the Sassanian Empire of Persia (Iran

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