VietNam Chinh Long Nguyen Bao Big characters

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Note : Unlisted by Ed. TODA


Vietnam, zinc 1 van, Chinh Long Nguyen Bao, rev. crescent

Chanh Long Nguyen Bao is unlisted in Toda at all. This is Vietnamese imitation of Zheng Long Yuan Bao coin (1156-1161 A.D.) of Jurchen dynasty Jin.
This variety has very weak visible crescent right from reverse hole. Compare with #33867, 37903 and 48118 which all three has quite different callygraphy of the Long character.

Metal composition of the coin is: Zn 97.48, Cd 0.27, Pb 1.05, Fe 0.43, Cu,Sn,As,Sb,Bi,Co,Ni all are under detection or error limits, Sum 99.23 %, microprobe data in scanning mode from 220x200 mkm surface. (source www.zeno.ru)


Vietnam (Annam),  (AD 1163-1173), Chinh-Long Nguyen-Bao VF

Vietnam name: "Chinh-Long Nguyen-Bao". Chinese name: "Zheng-Long Yuan-Bao".

Casted during Vietnam(Annam) Ly Dynasty, the emperor of Ly Thien-To (Dynasty Title: Ly Anh-Tong), during AD 1163-1173. China also casted "Zheng-Long Yuan-Bao" in Jin Dynasty during AD 1156-1160. But the Chinese coin's character calligraphic is differernt from Vietnamese "Chinh-Long Nguyen-Bao".

Ref. Allan Barker's catalogue No. 117.1.

Weight: around 2.5 gram.  Size: 23 mm in diameter. 15.80 USD @ coinsxzh