A very rare pair of magnificent Cong cloisonné vases, China, Qing-dynasty (1644-1911), Four-character Qianlong-mark. Photo Auktionshaus Stahl.

Polychrome cloisonné on a bronze body. Tall rectangular body in square-cut-shape with slightly projecting neck and foot. At all 4 sides of the wall a sumptious decoration in repeated composition but with varying themes: The upper section with architecture in landscape. The lower section with floral depictions and animals, including peaches, pomegranates, lotus flowers, cranes and swallows. Foot, shoulder and neck with ornamental borders. Min. wear to the surface. H. 51 cm. Estimation : 25 000 €

Cloisonné Cong-vases are extremely rare and only few examples have been published.
The four-sided cong-shape recalls ancient jade objects, which were used for ritual purpose.
The fine landscape and plant depictions show the characteristic plane stylisation of the Qianlong-period. Compare a similar cloisonné cong-vase in the Palace Museum, Beijing.
The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum: Metal-bodied Enamel Ware, Hong Kong 2002, p. 153, pl. 145.

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