20.30-Carat Peridot and Diamond Ring ~ M.S. Rau Antiques.

A mesmerizing 20.30-carat Burma peridot commands attention in this exquisite cocktail ring. Displaying the fresh, grass green hue for which peridots are so adored, this gem exhibits an uncanny clarity. Large peridot's such as this tend to contain small inclusions, so to find one of this size with such clarity is quite rare. Flanked by 1.46 carats of sparkling diamonds in its platinum setting, this gem is s true treasure. The ancient Egyptians and Romans once revered the peridot for its incomparable color. Peridots from Burma are widely considered to be the world's most beautiful. In 1962, the borders of Burma were closed due to political unrest, all but shutting down the mining of these precious gems, and to this day, it is almost impossible to find such a magnificent specimen as this. Price: $34,500

M.S. Rau Antiques