A unique jadeite bead and diamond necklace

A unique jadeite bead and diamond necklace

Lot 2092. A unique Burmese jadeite bead and diamond necklaceEstimate HK$5,500,000 – HK$8,500,000 ($700,000-1,100,000)Price realised HKD 16,840,000. © Christie's Image Ltd 2015.

Composed of thirty-three jadeite beads of light green ground and glassy translucency, each suffused with brilliant emerald green streaks, measuring approximately 11.2 to 12.9 mm, to the brilliant-cut diamond boule clasp, mounted in 18k white gold, 45.5 cm long

Accompanied by premium report no. 78695 dated 10 March 2015 from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute stating that the analysed properties confirm the authenticity of these thirty-three translucent jadeite-jades, of Burma (Myanmar) origin, with no indications of impregnation, these jadeite-jades may also be called 'jadeite-jades type A' in the trade; also accompanied by an appendix stating that the jadeite-jade necklace possesses extraordinary characteristics and merits special mention and appreciation. The jadeite-jades are characterised by a saturated green vein within a nearly colourless matrix crossing each bead perpendicular to the drill-hole, thus resulting in a very attractive design of the necklace. Furthermore, the jadeite-jade beads exhibit an outstanding translucency and an excellent surface lustre. The green colour vein in all of these beads is due to the presence of chromium as a trace element, and a very attractive result of natural processes responsible for the formation of this jadeite-jade from the jade mines in northern Burma (Myanmar). The outstanding translucency of these jadeite beads is a result of their very fine and densely interlocked texture. Based on the homogeneity of these jadeite-jade beads in terms of quality and green vein texture, it is assumed that they may have been cut from the same jadeite rock specimen of high quality. In addition, this necklace shows no indication of any impregnation or other form of treatment, thus their colour and transparency are all natural. On the Asian market such jadeite may also be called 'jadeite-jade type A'. Assembling a selection of jadeite-jade of this quality and exceptional and attractive vein-texture is rare and exceptional.

Also accompanied by report no. KJ89252(1-3) dated 9 February 2015 from Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory stating that the beads are natural jadeite and no polymer is detected

Note: Jadeite bead necklaces of pure and vivid colours are considered to be the best in class, particularly those with even colours. Although this jadeite necklace (Lot 2092) does not bear a full-bodied colour, each bead shows a band of vivid emerald green, just like Saturn’s rings. With their glass-like texture, the beads display a luminous translucency and lustre. The thoughtful colour distribution underlines the artisan’s ingenious design and unrivalled skills, making the necklace even more precious than full-bodied jadeite pieces.


Figure 1. Only jadeite roughs with a high quality, high translucency, crack-free texture and even colour distribution could be cut and polished into the exceptional piece of Lot 2092.

Christie's. HONG KONG MAGNIFICENT JEWELS, 2 June 2015, Hong Kong