Neolithic Pottery Jar, Zaoyuan Village, Yicheng County, ca. 5000 BC, Shanxi Museum © Shanxi Museum

The loops below the waist of this amphora are too small to be handles themselves, but a rope could be tied to them and used as a straphandle.


Painted Neolithic Pot, ca. 4000 BC, Shanxi Museum © Shanxi Museum


Pottery Drum, ca. 2500 BC, Shanxi Museum © Shanxi Museum

Noticeable features of this very early drum include its shape; its handles; the irregular, net-like, raised pattern on its lower bell; the small rimmed collar at the base of the instrument; incised reliefs on its body and neck; and bosses at the top to attach the drumhead. To make the drumhead, an animal skin was stretched by ropes or sinews and attached to the circular bosses.


Cooking Pot-Stove, ca. 2500 BC, Shanxi Museum © Shanxi Museum

This pottery gui, a combined cooking-pot and stove, is cleverly designed and practical. If you wanted to take a pot and stove camping with you in the outback, even today, this single-piece design might be worth considering.