Lot 316. A pair of gold 'bird' earrings, erhuan, Song dynasty; 7/8in (2.2cm) wide from head to tail (2). Estimate US$ 3,000 - 5,000 (€ 2,500 - 4,200). © Bonhams 2001-2020 

Each rendered in the form of a bird with an open beak, its curving body resembling the shape of a crescent moon, etched with stylized feathers, the tail thinning into a distinctive 几-form pin.

Note : Simple crescent moon-shaped earrings represent one of the distinctive jewelry designs during the Song dynasty. For further discussion on this subject,refer to Zhongguo Gudai Jinyin Shoushi, Yang Zhishui (Beijing: Gugong, 2014), vol. 1, p. 282.

Compare a similar example in Ancient Chinese Gold Earrings, The Cheng Xun Tang Collection, Xu Xiadong (Hong Kong, Arts of Asia, 2006), vol. 36, no. 6, p. 75, pl. 10. Also, a related pair of earrings was referred in The Art of the Chinese Goldsmith, The Cheng Xun Tang Collection (Hong Kong: Art Museum, The Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University Hong Kong, 2007), The referred pair was found from a Northern Song Tomb dated to 1090 CE in Pengze, Jiangxi Province (Part II, pp. 216-217, no. D19).

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