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Lot 180. A Kashan blue, black and white conical pottery bowl, Persia, 13th century; 9cm. height; 19cm. diam. Lot sold: 3,780 GBP (Estimate: 3,000 - 4,000 GBP). © 2021 Sotheby's

the earthenware body of deep conical form, painted with radiating cobalt blue stripes, black circular inscriptive band to centre of interior and along the exterior near the rim.

Provenance: Ex-collection Bonar Hugh Charles Sykes, M.A. (1922-99)
For further details on Sykes, see lot 176. 

Note: Two exquisite bowls with similar decoration are now in the Keir Collection and inspired Ernst Grube to allude to the possibility of their higher symbolism, comparing the cobalt blue bands to the rays of the sun (Grube 1976, pp.177-8, nos.125-6). 

Sotheby's. Arts of the Islamic World & India including Fine Rugs and Carpets, London, 27 October 2021