Vietnam (Annam)  Thien-Minh-Thong-Bao (1736 AD ) Lead Coin

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Note : In Toda:

"Doubtful Coins. 1600 to date.

Having completed the classification of Annamese coins, there still remain a number of cash bearing the names of Princes, of rebel chiefs, or of various mints. Their Annamese origin is well established, but owing to the want of precise information regarding the history of the country, it has been found impossible to place them under separate and distinct headings. It has therefore been considered best to class them as doubtful until the researches of others shall have supplied the means of determining the respective periods to which they belong.

Among them there are doubtless many from the Quang-nam Principality, the rulers of which were kings de facto and issued coins at various times. But in making up the chronological tables of the different Annamese dynasties, the name used by these rulers in their own territory could not be traced, and it has therefore been found impossible to classify the coins issued by them.

The classification of other doubtful coins cast by certain rebels presents still greater difficulties owing to the shortness of time during which some of those chiefs were in arms, and to the fact that the names under which they fought, or the titles they assumed when in revolt, have not as a rule been recorded to Annamese books.


No. 285. (Barker: 85.1-85.3)
Obverse: 天明通寶 Thien-minh-thong-bao.
Reverse: plain. Lead. Coin made in the Quang-nam province.