Henry Van Soest, Cabinet with the Coat of Arms of King Philip V of Spain, ca. 1701-13, Antwerp, tortoiseshell, brass, pewter, ivory, mirrored glass, ebony, gilt-wood,. Galerie J. Kugel, Paris. TEFAF Maastricht

This intricately inlaid cabinet with tortoiseshell, pewter and brass depicts the victories of Louis Quatorze. Made by Henry van Soest of Antwerp, the 18th-century cabinet belonged to King Philip V of Spain, grandson of that French king. The price for such a unique piece of furniture is just a shade under $4 million. In terms of taste, think of the lavish Givenchy collection. Kugel is bound to sell the cabinet early on. “Today, the market at the top is no longer so thin,” says Nicholas Kugel. Now newly rich Chinese along with the proverbial Russians, Americans and Brits make up the audience for such obviously rich antiques.